Rotation of Assistance Lifts?

Hi Coach,

When trying to bring up the main lifts, how often would you recommend changing assistance lifts? I use a simple double progression method of 4x4-6 for my assistance lifts.


The thing with the double progression method is that it entails sticking to the same lifts for a fairly long time. Normally I recommend sticking to the same movement until you have been able to “complete the sets” (do all of your sets at the top end of the rep range… doing 4 sets of with your chosen weight in your case). So that likely means sticking with the same exercise for at least 3 weeks, but more likely 4-6 depending on how aggressive you are with the weight you use.

I make it sound like a problem because oftentimes I like to change assistance work more often to target something specific I diagnosed when training. I often don’t even have my assistance lifts planned in advance… I select them after the performance of the main lift to see what I need to work on.