Rotation Diets

I’m thinking of trying out something called a rotation diet. Basically, the deal is that you choose a number of different diets and try them each for a week or two. I know how people are on here about staying consistent and not program/diet hopping and all that, but obviously the purpose of this is to find out how your body responds to different calorie sources/macro ratios/vitamin and mineral sources and amounts. What do you guys think about this idea? The diets I plan on doing are listed below.

  1. Atkins (no carb) Diet: 3000kcal/day 40-45% pro, 55-60% fats, as few carbs as possible (<20g/day)

  2. Gluten Free: 3000kcal/day 25-30% pro, 25-30% fat, 40-50% cho

  3. Zone Diet: 3000kcal/day each meal and total daily macros are 30/40/30 pro/cho/fat

  4. Anabolic Diet: 3000kcal/day 40/0/60 pro/cho/fat during the week, something like 15/65/20 on weekends.

Probably 2 weeks each. Thoughts?

I’m currently cutting… I’d say the beginning is the hardest part because you’re still learning what food choices fit in, etc… the planning is the most difficult for me.

If the goal is to learn about your body… it may work, but if it is to lose fat while learning about your body, it may be mixed. That being said, as long as you’re calories are at a [reasonable] deficit, you’re getting your protein, and being consistent, what’s the worst that could happen?

BTW, you also missed intermittent fasting. I tried this a couple months back and learned a lot (with some OK results), but it did take my body about 6 weeks to “recover” from 2-3 months of it. You’ll need to give you body/metabolism time to recover from each, I think… so I’d think 2 weeks on special diet, 2 weeks plain maintenance.

For the record, I’m down about 10 lbs in a month, and the thing I’ve learned the most from this cut is being able to estimate my intake needs by calorie and macro counting.

If you actually think the body works that way, go nuts and report backin two months.

I think it’s a less-than-smart idea because one, or two, or three weeks is not enough of time to judge progress or effectiveness of anything, especially diets, which it would take 1-2 months for the body to recognize and grow accustomed to variations in micro/macro nutrients and go through hormonal changes associated with those quantities/modifications-of-quantities.

If you have to do ‘diets’, then do one for 3 months, including strength training, then gauge the effectiveness.