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Rotating Workouts for Beginners?

Does it make sense for a beginner (I�??m only 175lbs at 5'11") to cycle through a series of different workouts to hit muscles differently and keep shocking them, or should I stick with a regular plan where I do the same workout over and over? 

I see variations on workout cycles listed often as an advanced technique, and I was not sure it that’s because of the way that small muscles respond VS. large muscles, or just because most beginners don’t know enough about working out to cycle around.

Everyone needs change BUT we also need repetition to advance. Even more so as a beginner. The first few workouts will be simply your body learning the moves, motor units getting used to them your CNS getting used to the stimulus. Then after that the real progress begins the body ( muscle etc) actually adapting to fill the need of the stimulus you put it under.

I would suggest as a beginner you pick a program here that looks FUN and DO IT. do the whole thing as its laid out NO changes, then do another and another doing each fully. After a few years of that you will really begin to know what your body needs and how it reacts to varied stimulus