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Rotating Template

Hopefully a simple question. Looking for some help. I own and have read 531, 2nd edition, 531 for PL , 531 beyond. At 57 recovering and training for strength and health are my goals.
My question does anyone have experience rotating templates for different lifts through the same training block. For example squat 2 cycles of 351 with PR sets , fsl and jokers on week 6, concurrent with BP ,DL and press,531 PR set, sst during same cycle, then move to BP for 351 with PR set, jokers, fsl for 2 cycles and squat moves back to 531 PR set ,sst , then another lift moves after 2 cycles etc… 531 PR set and sst , could be replaced by 5s Pro, for the other lifts as well. But only 1 lift at a time would be worked with the PR set, jokers and fsl.
Thank you for thoughtful response.

For recovery purposes?

PR set with jokers and fsl, seems more demanding than just a PR set and using sst for 2nd exercise.So yes to help with recovery and allow 1 lift at a time to get stronger at a time. I have a harder time getting multiple lifts to improvement at the same time and recover well. Some might be age related. I am long past beginner gains.

I know others that will basically go for jokers for one lift. They run their template, the same basic workload for the entire cycles, hitting a different lift for jokers each 3 or 1 week. They keep the template the same though.

Thank you. That really helps .

I’m not sure what you are asking. If you are asking, “Can I do BBB for the squat, BBS for the press and FSL 5x5 for the bench and deadlift in the same program?” - the answer is yes.

Yes exactly.
Thank you