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Rotating Quicktime Movies


A question for the techies out there:

I just made a short digital video clip with the camera placed vertically. And would you believe it, when you play it on the computer you see me miraculously squatting sideways!

Other than putting my monitor on its side, is there some more permanent way of rotating the movie file 90 degrees?

If not, I'll have to wait until my next leg day to film it properly...

BTW, it's a friend's camera, so I have no software for it. The movie is in .mov format (Quicktime).



Shameless bump.


You need a registered version of quicktime to do it. I am at work and can't remember the steps but I can check it out if I remember when I get home. It's a quick fix, not the most intuitive, but it's under preferences or something... better yet:



Have you tried rotating your house on its side? This would save you from tilting your monitor.


Thanks TriGWU, I knew you'd come through!

Can anyone lend me a jack?


On second thought, I might follow IronHell's advice.


It's actually a problem w/ some of your codecs on your computer conflicting. I'll look around to see if I can find a solution and get back to ya.


It can be done with Quicktime Pro (registered), or any video editing tool, it doesn't have to be an expensive one. (there are cheapies you can download).


Wait....did you accidentally take the video sideways or is it just playing back that way?


Yeah, it was taken sideways... It was my friend's first time filming.


I checked out QT Pro and I have to pay ?20 ($36). So I won't!!

Anybody know of any free alternatives?