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Rotating Orals Frequently


I'm curious if anyone does this or has done this. I don't see anyone posting about it in here, and it's intriguing to me. The idea would be to change the oral being used every week, or even as frequently as every 3 days or so. Does anyone see a benefit to doing this? Or could it possibly be detrimental (lack of an accumulation effect)?


well, i could see rotating to a different compound to get a different effect, or even using certain orals at certain time (halo, d-bol on workout days, for instance).

but i can't think of a specific reason to rotate simply to rotate, unless one is stopping due to being on for a long time and switching to a less toxic compound...


The only reasons I could see to do it would be from limited supply or wanting to compare effects.

For either of those reasons, I'd do only one switch, for example running one for 3 weeks and then the other for 3 weeks.

Though there's some merit to Weider's Muscle Confusion Principle (sometimes getting a better stimulus simply from the fact of changing exercises) there's no corresponding thing for the androgen receptor. Switching for the sake of switching does not improve response.

(Yes, Weider did not invent any of the principles, but made them widely known.)


This is the information I was looking for. Thank you.


Ric Piana has a video on youtube about doing this.

IIRC He'll run one oral for 3-4 days then switch over to another.


The answer you got was dead on and entirely helpful.

Just because a successful person does something doesn't mean it makes sense. You'll find great athletes who insist on wearing the same pair of underwear every game, not washing throughout the entire season and are convinced it helps them. Sure enough, they're on a 20 game winning streak. Does it mean others should do it?


Only if you can get the same pair of underwear...


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