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Rotating Four Sites for 12 Weeks

Currently in the first week of my Test E cycle.
So far injected once into the left buttock and once into the right, I was going to rotate between the two but was wondering if it’s ok to inject into the leg throughout the same cycle, for example:

Week 1: left glute/ right glute
Week 2: left leg/ right leg
Week 3: left glute/ right glute

And so on and so forth for a total of 12 weeks.

Give this site a try. The RED X marks the spot.

Good information on where to inject but doesn’t really answer my question. My question is; Should I rotate my injects around both flutes and both upper legs or should I just stick to rotating between my gluteus?

It doesn’t make any difference in the slightest. If it hurts to rotate between only two sites then…use more. Don’t overthink some of this stuff.

OK how about this. Stay the hell away from the upper legs. It will hurt like hell for 3 days.
You want to know where the acronym PIP came from? Boys who stabbed their legs.

i would suggest rotate as much as possible

when injecting to upper legs split dosage into both legs, reduces pip seriously

That’s basically how I do it. Never had much issue with PIP in the quads. Just don’t shoot the quads right after training legs.

might be difficult to inject with weak hand at first but you learn quick with practice. Definitely recommend rotating to stop scar tissue build up