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Rotate Wrist Wraps Dead?


After watching this AWESOME vid i wondered if any of you guys do deads with wrist wraps to minimize burnout. Deads wipe me out like nothing else i do. Apparently, it has alot to do with your hands. I like and do high frequency training.



I do.



Wrist straps not wraps

I don't do grip work - my grip is about 50kg stronger than my full deadlift but how would I maintain grip strength if Im using straps all the time? I want to try this though

A max deadlift in competition will knock me out for a week


Yes, it does.. On a less sarcastic note some lifters use wrist WRAPS for deadlifts as a grip aid. I tried it once (didn't want to make a habit of it) and it seemed to work, It may well have been psycological but tight wrapped wrist wraps added a 'new dimension' to my grip.


Thanks guys, i have large hands. Grip is not an issue for me, i have never missed a dead because the bar start rolling/sliding. I'll be using wrist straps today!


Only when I either:

  1. Feel like crap that day


  1. Am doing high rep, more than 1, deadlift variations for assistance work


Maybe I don't deadlift enough, but when I use mixed grip, I've never had a grip issue.


I've done this a few times. I clench my fists and have my guy wrap my wrists tight as possible. He really cranks them. It squeezes the tendons making it harder to open your hands. I've had mixed success because when they're wrapped like that, I forget to bury my hands in the bar so I've dropped it for now.


Just to put this is context - i'm trying to avoid CNS burnout and i recently read one of the main reasons daedlifts are so hard on the CNS is because you have to "hold" the bar.

It has nothing to do with hand strength/work.


Update: I used the straps with about %70 of my 1RM. For some reason my lower back feels unusually tried(more). If anything using straps you can focus more on different muscles. I really like that "push the floor away from you - something CT suggested" cue too.


You can push the floor away from you regardless of using straps or not. As far as higher CNS fatigue due to you "holding the weight" I don't know how much merit that has, think about squats, you don't "hold the weight" per say but it is another extremely taxing exercise. The reason exercises like the deadlift and squat are so taxing is because of the amount of muscles involved in the actual movement. Also people are generally moving sizeable weight compared to their other lifts in those two lifts.

Lastly, why not just get your grip stronger so you don't have to worry about your grip. It'll make you stronger in all your lifts.


Yeah, i just started the push the floor away from you cue, i realize it has nothing to do with straps or not. :slight_smile:

I have no grip issues, i have an excellent grip.