Ross Training?

ross enamait anybody heard of this animal, been watching loads of his training vids and got some great ideas for changing up my routene.

have a look at his dead lift…495lbs…

My first thought was ‘what a jackass.’ Then, I got curious and watched a few other clips on he had.

I’ll give him an A for creativity, and maxing the most out of little equipment. He’s got creativity, improvisation, intensity and work ethic, I’ll give him that. I haven’t looked at his site, but I plan to.
Good find, thanks for sharing.

Ross is great. Admittedly, not the best for maximal strength or size, but he always made it clear that he was interested in training boxers and conditioning was his #1 priority.

Overall he gets an A+

ive copied some of his strenght exersizes namely the sledge hammer one and hell does it work wonders. ill deffently be trying to mix up my routene by adding some of his exersizes.

[quote]irvs wrote:
. . . exersizes . . . exersizes.[/quote]

Don’t say that.

I can’t see the video at the moment but I didn’t know he could deadlift 495 that’s pretty impressive. I’ve always liked his training style, he’s the first one I saw do pistols and made me want to try them, which I was unsuccessful at first.