Ross Enamaits' DVD Is Out!


awesome, his stuff definitely got me into amazing shape.

$25 too. Greatest bargain ever. You can get it & his 2 books for under $100. And theres internet gurus out there charging $100+ for one fucking book.

Ross Enamait talks the talk & walks the walk.

$25 for a DVD and a book.

Ordered Mine Yesterday :slight_smile:

Won’t be home to look at it for another week :frowning:

I almost feel like buying this just from seeing his deadlifting on youtube.

495lb deadlift at 170lb bodyweight from someone who doesn’t do deadlifts as part of his normal training:

He’s one of the only people I’m happy giving money to.

TTT for Ross Enamait response to keyboard warriors.

T-Nation should get ross to do some conditioning articles for them,he is a great guy and an animal


When I was heavily into boxing I used some of his exercies to increase punching power.
Great stuff!


Just to pile on with the ‘ROSS RULES’ sentiments …
(I’ve posted this on a couple other boards but truly feel R.E. deserves yet another testimonial)

I ordered (mailed a check) Fri 3/14. Mailed a personal frikkin check, mind you, so I’m figuring he’ll get it by Tues, wait 4-5 days minimum to clear the bank, pack up my “all three” package & in an additional 3 days+ I’ll get my goodies…I’m not expecting anything 'til 3/27 or 28.

I got it yes-ter-day.

Six days total turn around from my popping an envelope in the mailbox (late) Friday to seeing a pretty red, white’n blue USPS box sitting on my porch yesterday before noon. So actually it’s 5.5 days.

Ross had to have mailed out my books & DVD the minute he got my order.

Believe the hype. Ross is good people. As GSP might say “Ross deals fairly squarely” and speaking for myself, I couldn’t be more eempressed with his performanz.

That guy must’ve been brought up right. They don’t make’m like that any more.

“You can start right where you stand and apply the habit of going the extra mile by rendering more service and better service than you are now being paid for.” -Napoleon Hill

[quote]sjfou wrote:



Ross provides quality stuff…

I purchased his books last summer and his DVD recently, and am very impressed with the quality and research he has put into everything he has done.

I’ve been using many of his ideas in my own training and have had wonderful increases in my conditioning.

I also purchased his beanie (great buy!) and a t-shirt.

Ross has good stuff and it’s priced way below what he could charge for it.

Ross could just put out a dvd of him training to some nine inch nails in the background and i’d buy it.

His material is severly underpriced. Or maybe we’re just used to other guys charging an arm and a leg (and small child).

This is one guy i sincerely wish the best for he definitely deserves it.