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Rose Namajunas Documentary


I’ve always wondered why Rose doesn’t market herself with her good looks. She could get the same attention Ronda, Paige and Miesha have received.

This video answers that question for me. It’s also an outstanding documentary. Well worth the 50+ minutes.


I watched this shortly after it was posted, was on the fence as to whether I would comment, and now realize nobody else has, so here goes.

This is an interesting documentary, although the "The Tommy Toe Hold Show’ type narration gets insulting at the point that names that are hard for the Anglo set to pronounce get trashed.

this is very Pat Barry intensive, I didn’t know they were still together. I suppose if he is her rock to a great extent some mention should be made, but it uses up a lot of the earlier part.


I am about to watch it now.

I really never knew how to interpret Rose Namajunas. My first assessment was she strikes me as a women who has endured some sort of trauma in her past.

Pat Barry intensive. Not surprising. If you ever saw Rose on the JRE with Pat just tagging along. Dude could talk. It was almost to the point of being irritating. Like shut up man let Rose do the talking.


Yeah fuck that narrator. Who decided on that. Ruined it. Should have gone more into Rose. But it clearly was just a bunch of old clips edited together. No one on one interviews to get real insight. More like an undergrad project. Still interesting.