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Rose-hip oil anyone?

Hi buddies,

Lately Ive have had a few people recommend rose-hip oil to battle inflammation.

Anyone here use or know much about it? Its expensive… I dont want to splurge out the cash on something that is a scam.


Internally or externally?

For internal use, I’d say there are far better options – Turmeric and Ginger being two great alternatives.

As for external use, Rose Hip Seed Oil is one of the best protectors of skin. It’s also really good to use on scar tissue and on any skin that may be exposed to serious UV light. Definitely one of the best oils you can put on your skin. Sea Buckthorn oil is another good one.

For topical use, arnica gel/lotion/oil is pretty dope. It’s also pretty cheap. A 5oz tube of the gel will cost you at most $10 and last for months even with almost daily use.