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Rose Bowl!!!

Okay, guys…this is driving me CRAZY!

Who was the Female Country Singer, who simply blew the crowd away, with her rendition of the “National Anthem” prior to the Miami-Nebraska Rose Bowl Game?

I don’t remember her name, but I do remember calling my mom into the room to hear it because it was the first good rendition of anything I’ve heard before a sports event in months. I hate to get off of the subject, but did anyone see the highlights of the sorry ass R&B chick who forgot the words to the National Anthem as she was singing at a Grizzlies/Warriors NBA game earlier this year. She actually stopped, giggled, and said, “C’mon, wait a minute…” in mid song as the crowd started to whisper about what the hell they were watching. By the way, Mufasa, you got me thinking now. I’m gonna try to figure that out, even though I hate that “cry in my beer and hop in my beat up old pickup truck to go visit my daddy in the slammer” country music.

Thanks, Eric! I don’t know what the rest of her music is like, but the lady can BLOW, baby!If her songs and music are anything CLOSE to waht she did with the “National Anthem”, I really would like to hear it! (And if anyone rememebers who that was that butchered the Anthem at the Warriors game…let us know also…).

Hmmmm…was she good looking? Shania Twain is one hot babe. Much better looking that Faith Hills, but I’m partial to brunettes.

There has to be SOMEBODY who knows or remembers her name! Anybody?

Lila McCann.