Rosacea Re-Emerged

Hey guys. Hope you’re all doing well.

So when I was a teen I had mild acne and rosacea. As I got older it died down and the rosacea was faint.

recently, however, it has flared up again and I can only assume it has something to do with my Testosterone Boosting efforts. I’m taking a lot of suppliments/multivitamins to try and increase my T levels (to success I might add. Got a blood test and the doc says my levels have risen) but now the rosacea is back with a vengeance including skin peeling at the site of the redness.

Needless to say this is kind of alarming cause I want high T levels but if it’s aggrivating my condition I’m not sure what to do. I know I don’t want to take topicals or pharmaceuticals for it so I’m wondering if anyone has had this problem and found a way to manage it naturally. Either by diet or otherwise.

Thanks guys!

It may be caused by a slight food allergy, and not caused by testosterone levels at all. Is there anything you’ve reintroduced in you diet that you haven’t eaten much of for a while? If it’s that serious you may want to consider having food allergy testing done because you may be unintentionally causing it yourself.
Also, where does your acne appear? Forehead? Jaw? Different areas are usually affected by different factors.

Check out the acne face-map here:

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Hmm, I got it in zones 5&6 and the guy says it’s respiratory. I don’t smoke at all. I have had a cough recently but I dunno what’s causing it,. Could be mold in the house.

I’ve also got it in 7 (heart) and while I do have blood pressure sometimes, I’ve actually had multiple tests done to check my heart and doc says I’m fine.

As for what I’ve introduced to my diet, I’m eating more oats, milk, and bread than I was previously to add calories.

I’ve heard that milk and grains can cause/inflame rosacea but it’s cheap and I can’t really afford to go on a diet that doesn’t have it. Besides that I just stumpled upon kefir and that stuff is too good for you to not eat.

Maybe try cutting out one of those things at a time for a week or two to see how your body responds. If you’re after calories from the oats and bread, why not go for potatoes (white and sweet) or rice? Both options are fairly cheap and typically carry more nutrients than low priced breads. Gluten free oats may be something you want to consider. I know Rosacea can be caused by gluten intolerances or allergies, so cutting back on that may help.

You could always up your fats a little more which would allow you to decrease the carbs significantly. I personally get 50% of my calories from fats right now and it’s working well for my body.
Milk is also absolutely loaded with hormones (it’s a complete baby growth-formula for cows so it’s gotta be potent), so that excess of hormones may be a factor. Try adding more eggs in to your diet (free-range or Omega enriched are best) - they’ve got an amazing range of amino acids similar to milk.

Taking your time to eliminate things from your diet one at a time to see how your skin responds may be the best course of action.

Yeah it’s just not that simple. If I eliminate bread, I also eliminate the meat in my sandwhiches. If i eliminate oats, I also eliminate the fibre. each of those things has to be replaced.

You’re right tho of course, I just hate how finicky my body is. Diet has always been a problem for me.

Skip the sandwich then. Just pack a tupperware container with your meat, veggies and carbs. Or downsize the bread to a whole-wheat wrap if you must. There are plenty of ways to get your macros, just change your meal to something different.
If you need more fibre and are worried about losing it from the oats, turn to mixing flaxseed meal in a breakfast smoothie (with raw eggs and fruit), you could use hemp hearts as well which are high fibre, protein and EFA’s. Or you can start eating more vegetables for fibre which is always recommended as well.

There are countless sources of proteins, carbs and fats you can pick from for every meal - it just takes a little extra time and creativity (and maybe a little research).

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Fair enough man, thanks. One question: isn’t eating raw eggs dangerous?

Not at all. I eat raw eggs all the time. An egg is essentially a pure, impenetrable object until the shell is cracked, so theres almost no risk on contamination (especially since they’re all pasteurized before hitting the shelve). I wouldn’t crack a few eggs, leave them in the heat for a few hours then drink them because that would leave them susceptible to bacteria that could make you sick.

raw eggs = excellent idea.
if you don’t like the taste at first without blending/beating them, try mixing them with s splash of milk and bit of vanilla extract

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Will do man thanks for the tips! I’ll report back in a few weeks if the diet changes haven’t helped but I imagine they will.

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Hey man was just thinking of putting the raw eggs in my smoothies. Thing is: I make them in one batch at about 3pm and don’t drink the breakfast one till 9am the following day.

The smoothies have milk, kefir, banana, and protein powder.

Now, will the length of time in the fridge and the extra components (protein powder, banana) add any danger to the raw eggs or will they still be fine?

Thanks man.

Egg whites hold for a considerable amount of time when you buy them in a box, so I don’t see any issues there.

Cool. They’re not egg whites tho, they are eggs that I have to crack the old fashioned way…

Yeah, I was just using that as an example. I think it should be fine - I also use whole eggs.

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Cool man, thanks. :slight_smile: