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Ropes for Free

For those of you who didn’t read Bronco’s post on the Knowledge Bombs thread, here’s what he said:

“FYI I picked up a 50’ length of 3” diameter rope from a local marine supply place for free this am. It’s no longer suitable for working but, it’ll probably hold my puny ass just fine. They had a lot of it left so if anyone in Everett, Washington area wants some, call Dunlap Hardware on Marine Veiw Dr.

Otherwise it costs about $5/ft."

This was a very smart move. With a little effort, I’m sure almost all of you could stumble upon a similar situation.

Thanks for the heads up… shouldn’t be to hard to find in Miami.

Climbing that big diameter rope for the first time last night really gave me pause. I finally bucked up and did it, three sets going up and down 10’- 15’ was sufficient for setting my forearms on fire. I’m a rock climber and my hands aren’t small so I’d caution anyone who’s considering climbing instead of pulling a heavy object to take it slow and keep in mind the consequences of a fall.

Going to do some rope shopping this week.

i’m going down the local high school for some old gym ropes my coach used to make us climb. funny how things turn out i hated doing it when at school!!