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Rope work

Coach Davies in your Renegade Rope Training article, you stated that you have used rope training for 300 pound offensive linemen. In your opinion is it possible for 250-300 pound bodybuilders/athletes to skip rope on a regular basis without sustaining injuries to the knees,back and ankles? Distance running for heavier athletes seems to manifest itself in such injuries. Is rope skipping, done properly, lower impact? Any information you can give would be great. Thanks for your time.

That is the basic premise of rope work for a big man as any distance work is completely fruitless and causes a lot of injuries. Now, if you are starting with the rope routine - take your time phasing in. I will be happy to discuss with you. In faith, Coach Davies

Weve been jumpropeing all summer I and my brother are only 180/190 but our third wo partner was 340 (hes under 300 now, coachs order)but we havent had any problems, other than nausa from teh killer wos

Thanks coach. I am just starting on a jump rope program. I am trying to increase my conditioning without losing strength and muscle mass. Which is what seems to happen with distance running. Is it better to do the rope work everyday, every other day? Any advice or programs you can give will be greatly appreciated.

First Ed - good to hear from you. Great to hear about your workout partner. T: tell me how it feels when you turn the rope. Lets build you up but first I want to know where we are starting from. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach not 100% sure what you mean “feels when turning the rope”. As far as technique wise it feels great jumped rope in the past,just not at heavier bodyweight. As far as endurance wise, I’m not up to 3 minute rounds but, it is more my legs tire out than my lungs. After thirty seconds my spring starts to give out, much harder not to miss. Just starting back as I said. I know this is sad, too much time lifting weights not enough conditioning! I would like to build up from there. Hope I provided the correct information. Thanks again.

Ed thanks for the info, glad to have an example to follow.

Justing bumping this up for Coach Davies.

T, I obviously do not speak for Coach Davies, but I WILL tell you what he suggested I do when I couldn’t complete the workouts. First, just to make you feel better, though, go read this article I wrote: http://www.intensitymagazine.com/10-30-01/experienced.html Go have a laugh at my expense. =)

Anyway, part of the advice I got from Coach Davies was to do 50% of the workout (ropework) for 1 week, jump to 75% the next, and finally hit 100% on the third week. It worked very well for me, as I can now do 6 sets of 3 minute rope rounds!

Sorry for the delay in responding - long travel days recently. “Turning the rope” refers to the speed of movement, once you become comfortable with skipping you need to challenge the speed of the rope - have you been able to skip with elbows pinched and wrists up high. Fill me in on what we need to do next. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach, I have no problem with the speed or the correct positioning, my feet still move pretty fast for my size.Thanks again for your time.

Jeremy, thanks for your response. I had already read your article a couple of weeks ago. It was excellent and one of the reasons I started doing gpp again. Although I have gotten bigger and stronger from weight training, I don’t have that, excuse the expression, “ready for action”, feeling of when I had a more varied routine that included more conditioning work(was playing bball at the time). Extra energy is one the main goals am hoping to acheive. Thanks for writing about your example.

jn- i feel the same way. when people look at the workout, they might say, “oh looks tough”
tough doesn’t even come close to describe it. you gotta have some serious shit between your legs if you wanna be a renegade.
im on day 2 of week 1. i love it.

T-just tell me if there is any way I can help. Steve-you’re doing a great job in your first days and I doubt you could find a better example in the stellar success/fellowship then what Jeremy provides. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach, Steve, and T: thanks for the kind words! I’ll share something else with everyone…I took 2 weeks to get through week 1 the way it was supposed to be done! If I could add something else to the article (I learned this after I wrote it, or it would be in the original), it would be this: I made the mistake of realizing that I could eat just about whatever I wanted while doing Coach’s program. It’s hard to add fat while doing Coach’s routines, which is great, but it’s not very smart to just throw the POTENTIAL changes you could be making. I’m not just talking about visual changes, I’m also talking about enhanced hormonal response, quicker recovery (maybe I didn’t need to do week 1 twice), and a host of other chemical and neurological changes that I COULD have made while eating properly. So, I’m spending this week planning on PAPER what I need to do to perform Coach’s workouts the way they were intended - as a COMPLETE SYSTEM. Sure, you can just do the exercises, but what about diet, rest, water (no more diet Cokes), flexibility, agility, etc.? What about the mental aspects? What about the way this fits into your family time or your spiritual time? The point is, if you can spend 4-6 hours really sitting down and ACTIVELY THINKING about doing this properly (as well as the other things in your life), you can literally save months of wasted time and frustration and guilt. So: 1) get some pen and paper, 2) THINK about your program and how it fits in all the other areas of your life, 3) WRITE IT DOWN, and 4) put it into ACTION. Review it EVERY day. 2 months down the road, you should still be reading that sheet of paper! Try it, and I’ll bet you’ll be happier 2 months from now then if you hadn’t.

coach-im on the first week still of the vip program(ill be workin out on thanksgiving-definitely)what should my running look like-i’ve done the 2 workouts you prescribed-the 100 circuit and the 75 circuit.
what about future runs?