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Rope Waves

I was visiting goodlife fitness yesterday when I noticed that they had these 2 long and thick tug-o-war ropes. They were looped through 3 kettlebells for stability at one end.

So I tried doing the wave exercise that I’ve seen in many mma training videos. Where you take the rope and make continuous waves with them. I tried alternating arms for 20 seconds, then both arms simultaneously for another 20s as one set. Then burning out on the last set.

The alternating arms was fantastic for the delts, while using both arms together forced counterbalance through the core and hips. Both jacked up my heart rate very quickly.

I’ll get to go to the same gym next weekend, so I’m looking forward to doing them again. Anyone done these before and have advice what else I can do?

LOL my buddy who works at Goodlife helped introduce them to the gym, I think - which location did you go to? Yonge & Finch? He works out of that one… I haven’t tried it myself & to be honest it seems somewhat gimmicky BUT they do use it there for personal training w/clients. He did mention they use it for warmups & such.

Google what else you can do with them & good luck!

Yup, thats the one. I am there for 2 weekends to take a PT course, so that’ll be the only times I’m in there.