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rope training

Today i was doing my warm up in the gym i train at when this guy came to me and said his doctor told him that jumping rope with both feet together like i do (cant do it any other way yet) is really bad for your hip flexors (?) and knees. Is there any thruth to this at all?? thanks.


NO!!! That’s complete crap. Possibly if you suck at jump roping and have very poor form then it might be bad. By the way, I just started jump roping about 1 month ago and when I first began I couldn’t jump continuously for longer than 1 minute, skillfully or condition wise. Now I can go 3 straight minutes, fast and easy and it’s basically just a warm-up. I do Coach Davies program and I do a lot of one foot most jumping b/c it’s easier for speed than it is with two feet. His program works great.

Ask him how athletic his doctor is.

I use to jump rope a lot. But when I was younger I had minor whiplash & now if I jump rope it effects my lower back from all the bouncing. I am able to run though. But if you have no prior problems then you should be okay.

You should have punched him and then told him that his doctor doesn’t belong in the medical profession.

Only if you are jumping flat-footed and stiff-legged, otherwise tell that guy to piss off.

Obviously the problem is that you are not jumping with the “super rope.” The Super Rope, as sold on tv, offers all the advantages of a regular jumprope, but none of the disadvantages. For only fifty dollars you get one Super Rope, an illustrated instruction booklet, and a kick in the ass. You also get the “secret supplement” to make you huge, ripped, strong, and automatic layed all at the same time.

I have a related question. Does skipping rope over strengthen the hip flexors and cause pelvis problems like in the Ian King article. I love to jump rope but don’t want to do more harm than good.

NO, that is ridiculous. If you jump alot of rope in the exact same pattern and always land the exact same way you could create imbalances and overuse injuries…or tight hip flexors, but if you always change your jumping patterns, foot placement, how you land, and so forth you have nothing to worry about.