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Rope Pulls Rule!


I bought a ginormous 1.5 inch 50 foot rope and hitched it to a concrete pole, put on my home made harness and pulled my truck this afternoon. I have never been so tired in my life!

I now love pulling things with my new rope.

Thanks Chad Waterbury, for suggesting this in one of your old coumns!

Next time I'm going to take my stopwatch and pull for time.



Harness pulling is great fun. Where did you get your harness? I got mine from Atomic athletic, an incredible piece of equipment.

Give hand over hand a try as well. I tied my rope to my SUV, braced my feet against a deep rut at the edge of my driveway and then pulled it to me hand over hand. Biceps, back, legs, forearms all hit!

Oh, just make sure that you have someone in the drivers seat who can apply the brake should the vehicle keep rolling. Either that or place some solid boards at a certain distance. No need getting mangled under the vehicle, it would wreck the workout.


Hey ZEB, thanks for mentioning Atomic Athletic, their stuff is amazing and I hadn't seen it before. I pull with an Ironmind harness, and I too am a big fan of hand over hand work. Its always rewarding to train outside in the sun.


I actually made my harness. I'm kind of proud of it, actually.

I'll describe it just for the benefit of all, but I hope I can get some pictures soon as they will make this simple process more clear...

I took a ten foot piece of 1 inch strap and put a binder on the end of it, so it has one end attached to this clasp and the other end run through the spring closure on the clasp. Not a good description, I know, but bear with me until I get some pictures.

I put the clasp in my left hand and make a half a turn in the strap so I have a figure 8. I put an arm through each loop of the eight and have a buddy, or I do it if I'm feeling very dextrous, clasp the two ends of the loops, which are now behind me, together with a carabiner attached to a rope. the rope is attached to my truck which I pull. It's so much simpler than it sounds, I swear! All the parts, the strap, the clasp, two carabiners and a ten foot 3/4" manilla rope were about 20 bucks at my hardware store.

If I had to do it over again the only change I would make is to get a wider strap, for comfort's sake. I think the 1 inch strap with it's little clasp is plenty strong, as I pull my 4500 pound pick up with it, but a wider strap wouldnt gouge me so bad.

Also, FYI ebay is an awesome place to buy a thick rope for pulls with, I bought a 50 foot inch and a half manilla rope for less than $2 a foot with shipping.


I have the harness from Ironmind as well. It sure beats sled drags using a belt.



You are one talented individual!

Those of us who are less talented have to part with our dollars and buy a harness.

I live on a street that is not all that well travelled. My next goal regarding the harness is to pull the SUV the full length of the road (about 1/4 mile).

I can see that being very, very ugly :wink:


Instead of getting drunk and being crazy last night, my buddy and I went out and did pulls in the parking lot around midnight. We had quite the audience of drunk college kids coming home from the bars cheering us on.

I found I can hitch the loop on my rope onto my truck and stand behind one of the lines for the parking spots and pull the truck to me, as in a tug of war. That's some good stuff!


Do you guys have any suggestions regarding places to pull cars? As in, will cops hassle me if they see me and a buddy pulling a car around in a deserted parking lot? So far I mostly just pull dead logs around.


I think you'll be fine as long as it's your own can you're pulling.


yeah, probably a good idea not to try and pull someone elses car off...