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Rope Crunches

Hi all. I have a problem with rope crunches. My abs are pretty strong (though not that big) and I need a lot of weight on the stack. My problem is I’m now up to a point that it stack is too heavy for me to kneel properly (it’s trying to lift my knees up). Anyone who encountered this problem? Any suggestions? Thanks.

Try decline sit-ups with a plate behind your head. You won’t need much weight for those.

Try anchoring your feet under a barbell loaded with 3-4 five pounds plates ber side, this will give you a 75-85lbs support. Since you may need to lift your toes up to anchor yourself properly you’ll also strengthen your tibialis muscle!

If this suggestion doesn’t work simply have a training partner hold down your feet (preferably from behind or his body will get in the way).

Last solution, perform the exercise kneeling instead of standing, and put a 45lbs plate on your calves to help you stay down.

Thanks for the input guys.

You can also try doing the exercise backwards on a lat pulldown machine. Set your knees on the seat and face backwards with your feet anchored underneath the pad your knees would usually go when doing a regular lat pulldown.

Thanks Kelly.

do them standing. works for wsb anyway