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Rope Climbing


I finally have acces to a rope...
And I just discovered it hurts. The strangest thing is that my tris got pumped after the session and now they're sore. How can my tris get sore after climbing? I know they are biarticulate, but...
Many thanks, Vlad


wouldnt the triceps be stabilising a lot of weight in rope climbing? that'd most likely be a very new training stimulus to you. ..


Saw an article from Ross boxing site, he hooked up a rope to a tree and said it kicked ass. Would love to try the rope again, last time i did it in school, must have been twelve years ago.


Many people forget that when there is a great amount of stress placed on one set of muscles there is also a balancing/support effect that takes place with an opposing muscle group.

For example, when you Bench Press your lats are very much involved in supporting your upper body musculature during that particular movement. Great Benchers always work their lats. Check out some of Louie Simmons material.

The same goes for triceps and pecs and even abs during Chin-ups. I have had many people tell me that almost their entire upper body is sore after a grueling Chin-up session.

Rope climbing is an awesome exercise. I have one in my backyard. Unfortunately I left the rope out all winter and it flakes so much that you can't climb it without getting little particles in your eyes and rope slivers in your hands.

New rope time in the spring.




Thanks for your answers. Guess I'll now use this thread to ask about rope climbing and such pulling exercises :smiley: Which is the correct technique? Should I grab the rope as far as I can (excuse my English) - meaning: grab pull myself up completely and then try and reach out with one hand as far as possible and then again pull myself completely, or simply put my hands one in front of the other (okay, so there might be 10 or so inches between)pull for a distance and then move one of them up and so on?

btw, what can happen if, say 80%+ of my training volume is made of chinning, rope climbing, external rotation and other back/ab exercises? Would a heavy pushing movement help - my tris are much weaker than my bis, and my max wide grip bench was 160-close grip 145; my max military press 110lbs(say I start to train for correct one arm push-ups -any links welcome)?
Thanks, Vlad


Forgot: my max chin is 100+lbs at 143. 100+ because I got stronger since the last time I tested and also lost 2-3 pounds (sorry, now I'm training to get'em back. And eating. I really didn't mean to lose them but anyway). I can also do one arm partials on chins with my left hand(~5-7 inches ROM :D) , and can hold myself up with each hand for some 30 secs (30+ for the left)


Please? Opinions? I know it seems completely stupid at times (*I)... but google is useless here. I can't find anything decent on rope climbing.


How long is your rope?

Where do you climb?

You probably know more than most of us already. Share some more info.



I climb in a wrestling gym. Well, a place where wrestlers train. There are also a lot of chin-up bars around :smiley:
The rope? I guess about 15-18 feet length, and almost an inch thick. I just love it.
...so high up in the sky weeeeheeeeeee


Could anyone please at least give me some tips on technique?


Here's your first tip: don't fall.


Funny thing about our little fitness/lifting society: While rope climbing is infinitely better for you in so many ways than say Bench Pressing there is still very little written about how to climb a rope!


I would think some of the military guys on here would have some tips. I went through OCS myself
(USMC...although I didn't accept my commission) and we always reached as high as we could. We were typically going for speed, though, as part of our O Course times, and this may not be the best way to utilize this exercise as part of a program.


Well, I certainly ain't falling.
Now, all military types welcome to post advice :smiley:
I have problems on going down, as I NEVER consider using legs acceptable :smiley:

Can anyone tell me what to do? I can hold myself for 20-30 seconds each arm in the top position, and I can control the negative (first half I can usually stop and the second is pretty smooth), but I find this very hard on a rope. And also, I am not used to doing 20+ one arm negatives/training session. It's still over 100% for me. (the weight).

Speed: I sometimes try to pull myself with short quick moves, as I think this is the only speed training I can do for my one arm chins. (normal chins are to different a groove I think)
btw, I am now able to do a little more than 1/3 of an one armer with my left hand. As soon as I get 5/hand I will start a nice bulking regimen (meaning exercises, too, as I now only chin and do some external rotation/shoulder work)


Black Thorn:

Bodyweight+100 pounds at 143 is really strong; much stronger than me. Congratulations.

Just a tip for fun: Try climbing the rope with your legs in 'L' position (legs straight out in front of you, parallel to the ground). It's a cool variation.


Have you checked out the crossfit website? They should have some information on rope climbing stuff.


Thanks. :slight_smile: I'm planning on it, but right now I can hardly do 10 chins with my legs in an L. I think I'll start practicing the L sit from now on, as my abs are not as strong as I would like them. My problem until now (well, a few months ago) was that my shoulders and back were too weak for me to hold the proper L-sit on the floor...


How does one go down a rope without use of legs? Seriously.
I can only do so many one arm holds and negatives a week. Altough I move quicker, not 5-10 seconds like a normal negative, it still hurts. Not to mention that being 20' in the air and knowing you have to do a billion one arm negatives is pretty unpleasant. lol. btw, tomorrow I'll try to go up/down 4 times, and if I get them, I'll try 5


Hey guys,
For sure rope climing is very challenging, just surprised there's been no hard on jokes yet. Didn't that ever happen to you? Like garth said in wayne's world. "She gives me that strange feeling like when I climb the rope in gym class" or something like that. So tell me is that why there's this new interest in rope climing? Hmm, I wonder where I can hang some plates to make it more challenging?

           Have fun,
                    Tin Can