Rooting Out Corruption in Olympic Boxing

I know that in the past in the United States there was a Muhammad Ali Boxing Act, intended to prevent boxers from being ripped off by big hair types.

Also, there has been over the last number of years a tremendous amount of discussion about the use of performance enhancing drugs by athletes in many sports.

What this article deals with is officiating in order to cut some countries out of qualifying for the Olympics. A Canadian lawyer is trying to cut to the quick of it and bring to full light what is going on.

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The Olympics are corrupt for allowing a corrupt org to run boxing. They didn’t step in and say something when Roy Jones was robbed in Korea.

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Regarding what he wants to do with boxing. Sure that seems nice. I don’t know anything about the level of corruption that was mentioned in the article.

He was strong worded and definitely kept things interesting.

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If the video doesn’t work for everyone, what happened is that there was this boxing match in Canada in which at the end of a round one competitor had just been taking a number of unanswered hits.

Between rounds the referee is looking at her and her right arm starts to twitch significantly, and she then passes out. The fight was waved off.

This is a reminder of how violence can suddenly have dire consequences. Even though it is sport, taking a comprehensive drubbing might leave a person out of their senses.

18-year-old boxer dies after match in Montreal, promoter says (

Now this. (at least someone in Canada can box.)