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Root Beer Float Shakes


Take a can of diet root beer and pour its contents into a blender with some vanilla protein and ice. Blend then consume.

Its so good I had to share.


Really? this mixture doesn’t fizz and foam like a MoFo when blended? sounds good


Hmmm. Might just have to get some ice cream and try this.


Sounds pretty scrummy, but I picture myself being covered in an exploding super fizzed up root beer protien shake shower when hitting the BLEND button!


I stumbled across this similarly while I was going to make a shake. I had half of a big gulp of diet coke and ice. dumped that in the blender, put in a small amount of protein (like only 10g), and flipped it on high speed ice crush mode, and it whipped into an amazingly thick milkshake. (that tasted terrible, because the protein was fruity flavored).