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Roommates won't flush toilet...

Neither one of my roommates will flush the toilet. Literally every time I walk in the bathroom the misty scent of fresh urine hits me in the face, signalling that its time once again for me to flush after them. I have tried posting a sign reminding them to flush the toilet, and I have asked them repeatedly to flush their piss, but they still won’t do it. At this point I’m tempted to burst into their room while they sleep, rip them out of bed, and shove their face into it. This type of shit get on anyone else’s nerves?

Start shitting and not flushing.That’ll smarten them up.

Yep, that’s the best thing. Just take a dump and don’t flush.

Yeah I had similar problems with one of my roommates. My biggest thing was that he would pee all over the seat because he wouldn’t put the seat up. We tried talking to him about it and that didn’t work. Then my temper started kicking in and he started to listen. I consider myself a pretty skinny guy, but he is a little cross country runner and has nothing on me. And one of my roommates took a sharpie and wrote on the seat “PUT THE SEAT UP” and since then he has been doing it. Needless to say we are still going to try and kick him out for next semester. I can see where you are coming from Fragile. So yes i would reccomend your suggestion about ripping them out of bed and shoving their faces into it.

I don’t have roommates, but when some of my male friends come to my house, they don’t flush the fuckin toilet. I mean, my girlfriends do…so what the friggin problem here? Last thing I want is to smell another guy’s piss.

I got one guy to stop…I was at his house, and not only didn’t I flush, I pissed on the seat, the floor, and the sink. Now he flushes when here.

If it’s brown flush it down, but if it’s yellow let it mellow.

if you think that’s bad, my fucking roommate forgets to turn off the fucking oven … i woke up this morning and it was set at 275… how can you be that stupid???

Have them pee in the sink - no flushing necessary. And it’s fun.

If the bed structure (and your not living in the said room) allows it, take a glass of the brew and put it under each of their beds. Let it stay there for a while. Hopefully, they will sleep with their door(s) closed. Eventually, they will track the source. Maybe then they will think about flushing.

Really evil would be to not even use a glass. Just put a pond on the floor on the bed and let it evaporate. No visible container. And no respite until the floor is scrubbed. With luck, and repeated efforts, the bed will absorb the fumes on a permanent signatured basis.

Wouldn`t do it with solid stuff, though. ;0)

That dont flush after a dump` should get the job done too.

I’ve had dumbass roommates leave the oven on overnight, but nothing like this.

The other thing that pissed me off was that they wouldn’t clean, ever. In two years, they maybe cleaned 1 time. 1 time. That pissed me off. I would always fucking clean.

Take a dump in the sink and smear poo all over the handles. That’ll teach them.

This has always amazed me. How does one shit or piss in something and then just leave it? It’s like getting out of your car and not locking the door. Even cats bury their shit.

my fuckin roomates compare my throwing empty tuna containers in the trash to not flushing the toilet. they say the smell and idea of it is just as bad. fucking idiots

I don’t lock my truck door in the little town I live in. I leave the keys in it in the driveway of my house. We don’t have crime here really.

Rinse the tuna can in the sink before tossing it. Squeeze a couple of drops of dish soap in the sink to rinse down the “tuna juice”.

Stretch clear plastic wrap over the toilet really tight so there are no wrinkles, unscrew the light bulb in the bathroom. They won’t like splattering piss on their own legs. That might do the trick.

Pee on their faces when they’re alseep.

Tell them you will punch them in the face for every time they leave piss in the can! and then when they do it again because they will just to see if you will, walk up to them and without saying anything crack the fuckers square in the face, don’t do it hard enough to knock them out or bust bones but enough for them to get the message. Then simply say that every action has a reaction and now they know what the reaction will be every time its up to them…problem solved!!

"my fuckin roomates compare my throwing empty tuna containers in the trash to not flushing the toilet. they say the smell and idea of it is just as bad. fucking idiots "

That is fucking gross, wash the tin before you throw it out you lazy fuck

umm whats the big deal? its tuna. it only stays in the garbage for a few hours until i throw it out of the room. but the smell lingers. its not a big deal buddy. you’re posting in thread about not flushing one’s piss from the toilet and you call what i’m doing gross?

I piss on the seat all the time, not because i try, its just such a reach for a tall guy like myself to lift the seat and i’m quite possibly the laziest bastard on the planet. My roommate complains about my tuna eating all the time because i just leave the empty cans in the sink

I’ve never had a problem throwing unwashed tuna cans in the garbage either. Not really a problem.

The not flushing aspect…I agree with one of the many solutions suggested already.