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roommate blues

Right now, it’s 5am. One of my roomies and his ex-girlfriend are screaming. I left the house. You can hear them from 200 yards away, no joke. She’s wailing like she was dying. If they were fucking, I could understand that much noise. But I felt like I had to leave, mostly because I feel like their problems are theirs to resolve and I don’t want to be a third wheel, even accidentally. Their feelings are theirs, not mine.

It might help to point out that this is the end product of “no strings attached” sex. How would you guys deal with this?

Uh, you are kinda bein’ involved - by them dealing with their “issues” in a house that you also live in. So, I’m thinking that you should have said something. They certainly could have either, A)Lowered their voices, B)Taken it somewhere else, C)ENDED this now and resume when they could deal with it in a much more subdued manner. -THIS is why I never had roommates.

Hmmm. Interesting. I have a similar situation, by this I mean “no strings attached sex” We get along well and dont fight. But I wonder where this will lead. Someone is bound to develop feelings for the other. Actually I feel weird for even doing this. The sex is incredible, and we agree to sleep with only each other for the time being, but I cant help but think it will end badly (emotionally) for one of us…

PJ is that you? Are Bobby and Amy still going at it? You guys don’t even live in the same place anymore, and you’re still hearing them fight? Advice for poster: LEAVE NOW!

Been there a couple years ago. A couple different situations. Glad I’m out of it, but I’m not totally sure I regret having been in it. Its an experience, but like a lot of things, you won’t really be able to completely look at it until its over with. Warning though - developing feelings can SUCK big time.You may even want to make it a rule, when one of you develops feelings like ‘that’, its time to call it off. otherwise, you’re simply adding potential pain up.

Usually screaming at the top of your voice to “shut the fxxk up its fxxking 5am in the fxxking morning” works a treat, just act really pissed off and they should get the hint, by not saying anything why would they stop. nb - I dont usually swear a lot but you have to include it, just gives it that much more umphf. I did this once after putting up with it from a neighbour who lived in the apartment below me for a few weeks, I did it once and it never happened again. Ahh sweet silence