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Roomate problems

Ok, first off, my roomate and I do not get along anymore, for some reason. I think living with someone, who hates your habits(like eating properly) and you hate theirs(Eating like shit, sleeping all the time, leaving the house messy, taking hour long showers when you have to piss etc) is the reason. A couple of days ago my toque wen;t missing(the one in my photo forum pic) It is very special to me because I wear it practically everyday and I got it at a concert of my favourite band(not to mention it cost me 35 bucks) The only two people who have access to our apartment our me and him. I went to bed early the night before and took of my toque and put it over my computer power bar(to block the light) like I do every night. The next morning when I came back to my room it was gone. I am 99.9 % sure he took it to be an asshole/piss me off. I have no way of proving this but I would really like my toque back. Has anyone ever had any experiences with this sort of thing. I would like to hear what other t-men/vixens would or have done in this situation.
What I want to do is tell him theay unless my hat is back to me in one week there is going to be something of his missing each wek until I get it back. I know, I know, not the mature thing to do but I don;t know what to do. Help me guys
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I hate roomate stuff like this. I happen to have been in a number of situations like this one. First, lose 30 pounds of fat.

Hmmmmm just read the first response to this post. I am actually being serious so if you are an asshole( read GreasyGreek) than done bother replying.

Sorry, I apoligize to you Groove-less and now toque-less. This is what I actually think. You should ask him about it nicely. If he denies it, and you are still sure, then wait when he has class and look through ALL of his stuff looking for your toque. It’s probably around there somewhere. If not, assume you lost it - because he already denied taking it, it would be a bitch to press him for it further and might make things worse. If you do actually find it, it’s up to you what to do next. Take it and say nothing? I dunno man.

Apology accepted. And just an update on the pics. I have lost 8 pounds and gained some muscle. I can actually see the outlines of a 4 pack for the first time in my life.
I already looked through his shit and didn;t find anything. Possible that he put it somewhere other than in the apartment. I am soooooooo sure that I didn;t lose it because the last place I had it was in my room. I think I will confront him tomorrow. He will most likely deny it so then not much I can do. I suppose I could kick his ass but again this would cause more problems than it would solve, as discussed in many other situations on the forum.
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Roommate problems are the worst. Nothing to do about 'em but move on out. Or get him to leave.

I would not go for the revenge option for the simple reason that you’re too close to him; opportunities for revenge will be rife on BOTH sides.

This month’s maxim has a good practical joke to play on a roommate, which is perfect since you said he takes long showers.

Get some lifesavers candy that is close to clean in color. Smash them up into pieces, take the showerhead off and put the lifesaver pieces into the showerhead. As the warm water passes over the showerhead they’ll obviously disolve and leave your roommate with a nice sugar (sticky) coating. Then watch the sucker get back in the shower in attempt to rinse it off.

Hahaha good one D-rock. Maybe I will try that.
:slight_smile: Groove

I remember you mentioning this fellow before. The situation sucks. All you can do for now, I believe, is directly ask him if he’s seen/done anything with your toque. If he says he knows nothing, you just have to roll with it for now. If it shows up, all is well, and if something else ends up missing… proceed with the beatdown.

The best thing to do is to either get him out or get yourself out. Situations like this only get worse. Do yourself a favor and do not come down to his level, as much as you may want too.

I remember Groove you talking about this guy. Sorry to hear about this. You were even wearing your toque when you were here, too!

Okay, play it cool. Ask your roommate. That's all you need to do. It's a totally unfortunate that this happened - but it's all you can do.

well most people have mentioned having one of us move out. That is impossible until the next school year. I am on campus in residence and we have both prepaid until next year. This totally sucks. I’ll give you guys an update once I confront him.
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Hey write to MTV they have that new series where they send in a CSI unit in to figure out what happened. I don’t know what it is called but your situation is exactly like the shows I saw. Side note…It’s funny as hell too. They had one where a guy had sex in his roommates bed with his girlfriend and then denied it. MTV sent a stain to a test Lab and proved by DNA that it was him and his girlfriend. Maybe they can find your hat and bust your roommate at the same time.

He lives with you still right? When he’s gone one day go through is shit and try to find it. It must still be there.

Kill him and dump the body off a bridge.

Hmmmmmmmmm, interesting ideas, especially the one where I kill him and dump him of a bridge.
The MTV thing wouldn;t work though because I now lock my door all the time(even when I go to take a shit)
Maybe I’ll roll him up in a carpet and throw him off a bridge.(you guys better appreciate this quote or your too old)
:slight_smile: Groove

This is not a uncommon problem, and your school should have the resources to deal with the situation. I have had friends in the same situation, and they were able to get a new roomate and or room. Maybe things are different up there, but it is worth checking out.