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Room Puzzle Game



So I stumbled across this on another forum, and like me it drove all who had a go at it insane.

The aim is to get out of the room you are in using the various clues, tools you find and your brain. Click your way around and to look at stuff.
Some hints if you do go for it, pay close attention to small stuff.

A few solved it and found their way out of the room but it sure ain't easy(I really, really suck at it)



I barely have time to post on these forums... now I'm stuck in a virtual room with seemingly random objects displayed.

Thanks for ruining my upcoming weekend, Jereth!



Seriously, this is going to drive me crazy.


I'm so baffled.


I knew I shouldn't have looked at this damn thread.


check out crimson and veridian room. thats what this game reminds me of



So wtf is with that floor board.


I know right!


How far have people gotten?

I have 4 items and have no idea what to do with any of them.


Hold down the button for the second panel for 10 seconds. It will open, there's a gold brick in there. I was able to place the gold brick on the floor board to keep it up but that's as far as I've gotten.


This is a walkthrough. Intended for help only. Do not use to cheat! :slight_smile: Only use if really frustrated!


If you can locate the swiss army knife you ca cut the thread that is stopping the board form coming up and get what's underneath it


WTF I had like 12 items but I don't have my headphones and my work comp has no speakers.. i can listen to the damn tape recorder ARRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!! godfuckingdamnit!!!




I click around the room and it gives me close ups of the objects I click on. A briefcase, chair, outlet, etc. You guys are picking things up? I'm still baffled.


have the knife.....it wont let me cut the string......


what items have you found so far?


look under the chair, side of the picture, hold down the 2 buttons and get the tube in one and the gold in the other.


So far:

2 Batteries
Corked vial



For people who are mad at it! Post #176