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Room for Deca in TRT?


Is there room for Deca in TRT? I’ve come across self-medication of this and it also in people’s TRT plans prescribed by docs. Some docs caution against it while others prescribe it. Is there a benefit for it being in TRT at all?

Most people I’ve read having TRT in their plan is from pain in the joints or tendons. I’ve gotten a pain in my achilles tendon shortly after beginning my TRT plan of 125mg TE/wk. Am I a candidate for asking my doc about this?


You need to go to the pharma forum. Deca is used for steroid / body building. This is TRT.

I’m aware of that. But, I have to ask a dumb and obvious question: Isn’t testosterone, when used in higher doses, a steroid for body building as well?

I didn’t think that it was allowed to link to specific male clinics or other low-T forums that discuss the usage of Deca in their TRT/HRT regimens – doctor prescribed. However, I’ve seen Nandrolone advertised in therapeutic doses of roughly 40mg a week alongside testosterone. It’s been discussed elsewhere that it is beneficial to be paired as there is little to no aromatization… so I was just wondering if I should ask as I have tendon pain for no apparent reason since beginning TRT.


Yes testosterone in higher doses is also a bodybuilding staple. Often these doses are 4x that of TRT weekly. TRT is meant to mimic a man’s natural to natural high level of Test. Your are likely having tendon pain because of the TRT which will subside if you go easy. Your main muscle groups will react very positively to the exogenous Test. You will get stronger quickly with a good work out regiment. However, your connective tissues cannot keep up. They do not get stronger as fast. Therefore if you overexert yourself too quickly on TRT you can cause injury. Take it slow and easy at the gym/sports until your connective tissues catch up to your new strength/stamina.

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Even if helpful, TRT is for life and deca is too liver adverse to take like that. E2 levels may go nuts from impaired liver function.

Some guys on TRT over do training and connective tissue is very slow to strengthen, injuries occur. Joint pain can be from excessive AI dosing and very low E2 levels.

If the joint pain is from an AI, would it be better to discontinue the AI and add in a SERM or to add small amounts of deca? If deca is added, what would be an appropriate dose and when would the best time to discontinue it?

I’ve read some people taking ~40mg/wk of deca along with test (e/c/p) prescribed for TRT for 20+ weeks and not having bad experiences.

If the liver values are closely monitored by a doctor, could it be something to add to the TRT arsenal like these folks? Or is it ill-advised all together?

If it’s not a good idea, this makes me highly question these anti-aging clinics slinging nandrolone. This question only arose as such place advertised it for TRT…


I would take labs to find out your E2 levels and might as well run the whole gamut. If you E2 is driven down, then you would reduce your AI.