Hi, I’m new to this board. Thought I’d briefly give you all a break down of myself and invite advice and knowledge from all your experience as I have just begun (trying) to build muscle and feel I could easily screw up and do this all wrong. Please anyone leave comments. Thanks, and please forgive me if it’s longwinded.

I’m a 22yr old male, 6’3, 185lbs. I’m tall and reasonably thin (with the exception of accumulated fat on my lower stomach and ass). I’m 100% committed to building my body. I have changed my diet and joined a gym and I research for more info everyday.

Diet: I have aimed at both raising my protein intake to 180g daily and at eating balanced. I eat corn cereal with milk and a whey protein shake for breakfast, followed by fruit to snack on. 11AM I always eat a tofu and bean paste veg soup with rice and some fish, followed by another protein shake 2hours later. Once again I’ll snack on fruit till about 6PM when I’ll have a 180g lean processed meat steak. During hte day I’ll drink loads of water along with a multi vitamin everyday. I try and calculate that which I haven’t eaten and throw that in the mix whenever I can, be it more veges or whatever.

Gym: I started going to regularly about 2weeks ago. I like to work on main muscle areas after work at night about 3 times a week. I haven’t been doing sqauts or deadlifts, though I’ve heard these are the best for beginners being that work all the major muscle areas and stabiliser muscles. As a beginner I have chosen to use both machines and free weights for safety and cos of lack of experience and strength. As I am thin, I feel I need to concentrate on my chest and upper chest, as well as the flab on my lower stomach. Tomorrow I will begin a sprint program on my alternate days whereby I can do cardio whilst trying to build muscle.

Is their anything any of you pros feel I’m not doing, or doing wrong, or that I’m doing right?

Much obliged.

Mr no muscle

Welcome to the forum.

Is there any way you can increase your eating of meats? You seem to rely on shakes a lot.

What sort of fat sources are you eating?

Do you have a picture?

Go find these articles in the previous issues section or with the T-mag search engine right now and print them out.

The New Diet Manifesto

The Missing Ingredient

The Essential Berardi

That will get you started.

ok bro good to have you hear. if i were you i would read “massive eating I and II” as well as the “get big diet.”

i would then pick a good training program (there are many choices here) and stick with it for a while and watch your body change.

Welcome, man!

For starters, I’d ditch the cornflakes in the morning and go for a lower glycemic, higher quality carb source like, well, oatmeal for example.

Oh well, be sure and check out the sources mentioned above as well as the FAQ, and you’ll learn all that stuff.

This place is an incredible wealth of information, so be sure to take advantage of it if you’re serious about your progress.


Ha, jk and welcome.

Read the back issues, especially stuff by John Berardi for your diet. Lots of good programs here for newbies.

A couple of comments…
Like previously meantioned ditch the cornflakes. You’ll read why in I believe it’s “Foods that make you look good nekkid”. Secondly, TOFU??? Why are you eating tofu? You need to increase (not decrease) your testosterone levels. We don’t look upon soy products here at the TESTOSTERONE forums. The editors just gave out the Soy award a couple issues back in fact :slight_smile:
Thirdly, get into doing squats, and deadlifts. Furthurmore, don’t work mainly chest. You’re a newbie, work everything hard (and SMART), and you’ll get great gains, without having to worry about lagging parts later. People have this tendency to work body parts that they can see in the mirror…but remember you have a back, an ass, hamstrings, and calves. They’re ALL important! (The ladies love a good ass!)

Welcome to the T-family!

Welcome my young apprentice (sorry, I had to say it).

Many people already beat me to the punch here, but I agree with everything already said:

  1. read the back issues, especially everything written by John Berardi.

  2. Ditch the cornflakes…after reading, you will know why.

  3. Get more protein, if you read “Foods that make you look good nekid,” that will give you some sort fo idea of what kinds of food to be eating.

  4. Lift hard and smart as ND said. Focus on all the compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, BB curl, BB Row, pull-ups, chin-ups, push press, etc.

  5. And again…READ AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. After reading up on stuff, come back and ask questions (if you have any). The FAQ section is a good place to start.

Good luck bro, and hope to hear from you soon…Tony G