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Rookie When It Comes to Supps


I have idea what type of shakes/supplements (supps) to take for muscle gain. Im 6'2" 167lbs. and i used to take creatine and MRP when i worked out with my previous trainer (last year). and i didn't really learned what type of supps to take. Im in the process of going back to the gym and starting to get big. any advice as to how to get big fast and whats supps to take would be VERY helpful!

Ps. If you guys need any other information about me just ask!


Do you just eat supplements or do you have actual "food" that you eat?


Plenty of people pack on size without supplements. Do they help? yes. If you're broke do you need them? No.....

whey protein/ and some quick carbs are all you need say malto dextrin and some dextrose after workouts or you could use like raisin bran cereals/kids cereal


Oh and if that's you in the avatar, all you need is more food, lots of it.


OP I shall halp u in ur quest to find supplements. Go to costco go and buy 2 carton of eggs, 1 thingy of whole milk(totaling 4 gallons) and get a bottle of protein powder from there or any were else. and Every morning cook 3 whole eggs and have a glass with 2 cups of milk and 1 scoop of protein powder. Das 60grams of protein for u every morning for 2 weeks and a total of 500-600calories GL.


If you want to get fat in a hurry, I would waddle in to the local Subway and get a few of those $5.00 foot longs three times a day, then go to McDonalds for a couple of McFlurries and a shake or two. Don't forget to supersize the fries.

If you want to put on muscle in a hurry, can't be done without needles. Try to eat clean, REAL food. Best thing you can do now is to find your maintenance level for caloric intake, then add 500 calories per day so that you can gain 1-2 pounds per week. Calories should be in the 34-33-33 percentages for protein, carbs, and fat. Re-evaluate your needs and up calories when necessary. Keep on this for 2-4 years until you reach about 245-250 lbs. Then you can cut down to see what you got. If you bulk slowly you will gain muscle/fat at about a 50/50 rate.

If you need supplements at all, a multi and some protein powder, but try it with real food to start out. There are no magic pills. Lift like you mean it, eat like a man, read here and elsewhere to learn about what you are doing,and get adequate rest, and everything will work out. It just takes patience and time. I know you don't have either of them, but that is what it takes.


Thx. guys for the replies. I'll start by taking creatine right before working out (right?) and MRP 30mns. after work out (right?). and i'll definitely be taking lots and lots of water. my biggest problem is the food i intake. My previous trainer mentioned that by having a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich for like lunch and oatmeal for breakfast and like some chicken and salad for dinner. would be prety good to start eating healthy. I am probably the only guy in this world that doesnt know how to cook. so i pretty much live out of fast food or like ALDI meals LOL aka frozen foods.

Also, other thatn running what other type of exercise can i do for cardio?


Also, other than running what other type of exercise can i do for cardio?

Not a joke, but you can pretend your boxing someone. keep your feet moving constantly (Boxer style) and punch punch punch. Do it for 8-10 minutes you will FEEL IT!

I do it for fun at times.


Hey guys, quick question:
whats the fastest time for me to get ripped?
month or two???


Get ripped from what? A buck sixty-seven? You should be ripped right now!!

Seriously, you might do the starvation diet until you can see your ribs. What? Already?

You really need to make up your mind what you want to do. A month ago you said you were "In the process of going back to the gym and starting (starting, mind you) to get big". So, what happened? Huge already?

To answer your question, it depends on your current body make-up. Please don't post a pic... I don't want to throw up in my mouth.


LOL i was just asking to see if i were to work out hard and just about everyday, would i see results faster or if i would just be better off by working slowly but better quality. but i guess i cant ask a simple question without someone getting mad.


do starting strength

Day 1: Squat 3 sets of 5 reps
Bench Press 3x5
Deadlift 1x5

Day 2: Squat 3x5
Press 3x5
Power clean or Rows 3x5

Add 5-10 lbs after every workout for every lift and drink a gallon of milk every day