Rookie: Seeking Diet Advice


I exercise regular (4 -5 days a week). Right now, I am run about 5 - 7 miles on the treadmill regularly. I managed to increase it from a 1 mile to the current limit. Previously, I burnt a lot of fat as a I saw my waist shrinking. Now, not much. I think I do not eat enough.

Right now, I consume about 1850 2000 calories per day. Do I need to eat more? If yes, please advise me what I can take. Right now, I eat what I want without looking at how many carbs or protein or fat the food contains.

I also want to build my body now. I am thinking of trying to follow big boy basic routine in my local gym. What do I eat to get the best work out result?

About me:
Ht: 6 feet
Wt : 170 lbs

Looking for any help possible.


Read. Alot.

Start with the threads on top of this forum and follow the links

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basics on nutrition :

(7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutritional Programs
by John M. Berardi)

pretty much summed it up there! its albout reading. use the search facility and read the articles listed above.