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Rookie Question For A Friend


My buddy's thinking of starting a bulking cycle using Sustanon, deca, and dianabol in conjunction. He asked me for advice, and me, not knowing anything about steroids thought I might be able to turn here and get some advice. This is his first time obviously, he's been training for about two years, is 200 lbs, and is 5'11. I'm not sure what dosages of each drug he's going to be using, which I know is a huge factor, but I don't think he even knows yet. Sorry for the lack of definite information, and no it's not me wanting to get on this cycle and I'm just being lazy in my research.



Be a friend, and say "friends don't let friends do drugs". LOL, seriously though, what you're doing is down right dumb. Well, maybe not as dumb as what you're friend is wanting to do.


I don't support what he's going to do, but the whole thing is that he's going to use them regardless of what I say, I just want to make sure the kid doesn't die, or fuck himself up royaly. I know how retarded it is to use steroid and know nothing about them, I think he's a prize idiot. I'd never start using steroids w/o doing a ton of research, so maybe this is just god's way of weeding idiots out of the gene pool.


I seriously doubt this guy is going to die. Just sit back and laugh and let his experience reinforce your contention that you would not use AAS without a proper knowledge base.


Dude! why the hell is your friend who is clueless about AAS, asking you, who is as clueless about it as well for advice?? sounds like a plan for disaster to me!


ok , good to hear some confermation as to his retardedness. The only reason he asked me is because I'm a CPT, and work at a local gym. So he thought that that certified me to help him with steroids. I'll just tell him he's retarded, thanks



K-Dowg, shouldn't you at least have a rudimentary understanding of steroids if you are a CPT? I know certain certifications discuss it in their books...


I know some of the basics, but the majority of the learning is focused on prevention of use because I'm in the states. I know how they work, just not which spesific drugs do what and what is safe or effective to mix.


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