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Rookie Error with Ostarine Dosage

Hi everyone
I’m a rookie and made a silly mistake with dosage of ostarine for my rat

Been plunging .5ml, which is 25mg.

I’m a woman, 5’6, relatively fit, 60kg, 22 years.

Lean muscle and fat loss is the ultimate goal, GW266 (cardarine) on its way too.

I’m on day 3, what should I do? I noticed a massive increase on leg muscle size
Should I cut down or stop completely?


no, you didn’t. it’s been 3 days. don’t be ridiculous. you likely won’t notice a ‘massive increase in size’ if you run it an entire year, let alone 3 days, lol.

if you actually think your legs grew tremendously in the span of 3 days, I definitely suggest avoiding any and all drugs in the future. They clearly fuck with your perception of reality.