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Rookie competitions

I’m new here at t-mag, been reading the forums but i’ve never posted before. I have been lifting for about 3 years now, and i want to start getting into competing just for myself to have fun, nothing serious. Anyone have any suggestions as to where i can look to find info on novice events, its kinda frustrating looking on the web, cause all i ever see are pro’s, and its a bit demoralizing =] Any comments welcome!!


(note: i know nothing about competitive bodybuilding)

I’m assuming bodybuilding? If so, go to getbig.com

Hit the “Upcoming Contest” link and it’ll take you to a list of bodybuilding orgs within the US. NPC is the National Physique Committee and is the top bb’ing amateur org. There are others listed to.

Hope this helps.


Dude I don’t compete in bodybuilding, however, I would say that there is no other way to attack a competition than being serious about it.

Look at Mr. Lowery’s photos as a template.

You don’t want to look like crap right?

You have to bear down, cowboy up, and get focused in order to be competitive.

Thank you for your suggestions brad and patricia! I know i am gonna have to take my workout lifestyle up a few knotches to be comepetive =] I just need to learn the tricks of the trade before i start, so i dont make an ass out of myself. I have a tendancy to do that =D

go powerlifting. its more fun, the people are really helpful and nice, and you can actually say you did something.