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Rookie Bloodwork Question

hey guys so i just posted about my low libido and i was wondering a little bit about where to get blood work done…
a lab corp will do, yeah?

and is there a specific name i ask for the test or what? i know rookie question but i need to know . and you all started some where too! lol … all input would be appreciated.

Read the sticky “Lab Work, Blood Testing and Symptoms” It will answer most of your questions. Lab Corp will do fine. Read the other sticky’s as well, “Advise for New Guys”, “Protocol for Injections”, “Estradiol”, etc. This is where we all started…it will take some time and you will need to read them over and over…but it will begin to make sense and if you do what they say there will be many people on this forum who will be glad to help you. We have all been where you are and you will find many who understand what you are going through and they can help you avoid a lot of mistakes. Good Luck!


  1. keep all of your activity in your first thread.


  1. But which test? Depends, but we do not know your circumstances in this post. See (1)

“Where to go to get blood work done?”

I’m not sure where you are located, but I found a relatively new company that has several franchise locations popping up all over the country. You don’t need an appointment…you can just walk in and I had most of my labs emailed to me in less than 24 hours…the rest such as E2 arrived in less than 48 hours. They are much cheaper than anywhere else I have found.
The name is: “AnyLabTestNow”. You can go to their web site and find their locations. The Office in Springfield, MO was fast, friendly, and affordable. They used LabCorp out of KC for my labs…

AnyLabTestNow: Not impressed, the male panel does not include E2.

Yeah, you can add or delete any test you want…even with adding the E2 it was still under $300.
Just another option in case nothing else is available.

lef.org is cheaper than them for bloodwork and they use LabCorp.
Also on April 1st they are having their Annual sale on bloodwork.

How much do they usually discount for their annual sale? April should be just right for my next labs.

I am impressed with their site…lef.org! It was just a few years ago that you couldn’t find a place to get labs without going through a hospital or drs. office and that was very expensive! It’s great to have choices and the privacy that these afford.

One thing I like about anylab is that you can walk in and get any test done without having to pay for stuff you don’t want. They will do paternity or dna or if you are competing in MMA, BodyBuilding, etc. you can make sure you are clean before a competition.

Hopefully the competition between labs will help keep the prices down for all of us.