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Ronny Rockel - 5 Weeks Out


WOW...Ronny is looking unreal, if he holds onto this conditioning he will be in great shape to place. He is in insane shape in this pic, haven't seen him look this good on stage. Hopefully he can maintain this throughout the contest prep.


This is him just over 6 weeks ago. As you can see he already made some great improvements. It's gonna be a great Olympia!


Looks great! His front is flawless. Its the rear that is his problem area.


Well hes lookin good already, and with 5 weeks out as long as he doesnt fuck up his prep I reckon he'll do better than he did last year. However this years Olympia is gonna be mad and you cant count anybody out of the top 10. Really lookin forward to it


Looks great from the front, but lets see him turn around. He is often too soft in his rear poses.


His back actually looks very solid. This is him at 7 weeks out. He has much better conditioning now so considering the size is there I think he will do quite well.

Then again this is one of the toughest Olympia line ups in years.


I dunno. He has somewhat high lats etc...

I'm still rooting for Cutler thanks to the pics he posted some time ago.

Rockel always gets overlooked... No real reason for that to change this year, sadly. He's practically made for winning smaller shows though...


Where'd you see the cutler pics?


ALways liked Rockel. If he were taller, I don't think he'd get overlooked so much.



They were posted in the official olympia 09 thread in the bb forum.

I think it was a front lat spread and a rear lat spread.

Waist infinitely tighter than it used to be and he just looked his best ever overall, imo.

Was a while ago though, I wonder if he'll be able to look that great at the O...


I don't see him placing too high with that back.


i posted the photos in the first place. but heres a refresh way




Yep, those are the pics I meant.

He's in crazy shape there...


k, i agree he looks beyond amazing in those pics but doesnt it look like he is pushing in his obliques with his hands, making his waist look thinner? whats up with that?


I'm not so sure, to me it looks as if his hands are in front of him.


Is there a rule against that or something? Bodybuilders will always do whatever they can to appear to have the smallest waist possible.


It is also a pretty common practice no matter who we are talking about so there shouldn't be an issue with it. They act like that is "cheating". Anything that shows off your best aspects while avoiding the spotlight on your weakest is a PART of good posing.


I have no idea really, i just thought it looked weird, i havent been a bodybuilding fan for very long though, so i've never seen anyone do that before now.


You are crazy if you think you can literally depress a muscle like that. It's called his skin being pulled forward.