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Ronnie's 800 lb Dead


I came across this video today:


Scroll down a little way and there is a vido of him dumbell pressing 200 lb. dumbells.

I figured with as much discussion as we have been having lately about the Mr. Olympia, people might appreciate this video.

Dude is strong! Light Weight!!



That was fagtastic!



dot. dot. dot.


Yeah, its known that he trains like a powerlifter.


That was the first time I ever heard ronnie coleman speak and hopefully the last. Wow he is annoying


I thought the guy standing behind him cheering him on was about to pump him in the ass.


One day , I was getting ready to deadlift. It was my last set. I noticed that a guy was behind me , similar to the guy in the deadlift video.
As I was about to complete the fifth rep , I got stuck about 4/5 of the top. The guy behind me ran up to me as fast as possible.
At the time I had no idea what this guy was trying to do.When I saw him run towards me ,it gave me a quick jolt of energy.
I finished the pull and extented my lower back.As I extented my lower back , I kind of head butted him.The head butt wasnt that hard ,however it knocked him backwards and he kind of fell on his ass.
After helping him up , i asked what he was doing?
He was about to give me a spot on deadlifts.




All joking aside, his lifts are very impressive.

After the dumbell bench presses, he just threw the weights down like they were nothing. I have never seen anyone handle weights with such ease.


I never would have imagined someone his size with such a high pitched voice.


I think Ronnie's physique is nasty, but you can't doubt his strength. I'll take the piss out of him for his GH-gut, but I would never trash him for being one of the strongest dudes around.


I think my brain shutdown as soon as I heard him speak. What a big guy for such a small voice... Those lifts were very impressive though.