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Ronnie Doing Stones!!!




He needs to cut!


Not functional


Very much so. Hey, even Mr. O might like to switch up his routine a bit to keep it fresh. Plus, with his focus on a lot of powerlifting movements, it does not seem like too far of a jump to try some strongman work as well.


Well its not too far from his starting point, since he started out as a power lifter.


these were posted on another site, thought I'd share


Jesus Christ....


How heavy is that stone?


Could you post the link to that website please?

Goddamn motherfucking damnit.. Ronnie is still the king.


that looks indoors, I'd hate to be the floor if he drops it...




You just know that before he lifted that he screamed "LIGHTWEIGHT!!! YEAH BUDDY!!!"


I saw these on Marunde's forum, but do you know where they were orignally found?


Well, since there seems to be some interest, I did some investigative work. The kid who posted em on Marunde's forum said they came from here


you have to be registered to view it. Normally I find registering to be a pain in the ass and figure Im already registered on enough boards, but curiousity got me here. I posted asking about the origin of the pics, we'll see what comes of it


what! how? surely ronnie is too big to lift those, him being the functionless juggernaught that he is


Simple.. Ronnie is not human..he's not.

Someone has to send him some kryptonite to see if the theory works.


I think the whole "non-functional bodybuilder" thing comes from people only seeing them posing on stage, or in ads.

It's nice to see pics and videos of these guys doing something out of the ordinary.


If he was wearing sunglasses, these pictures would be so much cooler


Now that was funny!


Looks to be an 18 or 20 inch(diameter stone). It probably weights between 240 and 340 depending.