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Ronnie Coleman

Just watched the ronnie coleman movie Unreal. I never knew he was a cop… or used to be at least its from 2001. Since hes a cop that means that he couldnt do illegal things such as steroids. WOW ronnie is definately a genetic freak to be that big naturally lol.

He was using heavily even when he was a cop. Obviously a lot of people were just turning the other cheek at the time.

He was just a part time cop? Or was he doing it fulltime?

he was fulltime, he was a cop for 2 years before he started bb. At the time of the movie he’d been a cop for 12 years. I know he uses heavily how else can you go from 250’ish when your a pro bb to over 270 in a year. That guy is still a freak… damn im jealous

oh i disagree completely. a man of high moral character such as a law enforcement officer would never engage in such illegal acts. ronnie, as well as all other police officers and pro-bbers are completely natural.

P-dog’s right.
Everyone knows it’s the cell-tech that makes him so good.

Steroids: Its only illegal IF you get caught. He could be a cop and be juiced. He only needs to be one step ahead of drug-detection methods and hes laughing all the way to the podium.

But everybody knows that.

Just look at the Olympics. Only the luck-ridden get caught. Which does not negate the fact that steroids is a pre-requisite for almost all disciplines at this high a level.

I’m gonna follow his routine in the new FLEX. And im gonna get up to 315 off-season just like my man ronnie!

I agree with P-Dog; he must be completely natural, but his accomplishments really show what great genetics and staying away from donuts can do for a cop.

I doubt you have his genetics, so even if you follow the Flex routine the best you can expect in a year is reaching 310, or so.

There’s no such thing as a part-time police officer. What do you think, they hire people to work the weekend-shift? Ronnie Coleman is a genetic freak, not many people can get like that all natural. I’m sure he probably takes prohormones and such but can you imagine what he’d look like if he took steroids.

If Ronnie was taking steroids at the time that he was a cop I’m pretty sure that his employer (polce force) would have known about it. I doubt very much that he was, or at least that doesn’t say much about what he represented.

I love the sarcasm. Ronnie always said he would never quit the force. He said there was no life after bodybuilding. By staying on the force, he could retire with a nice package. Obviously, bodybuilding doesn’t offer the same thing, unless you get hit with a sweet endorsement package to live off of…

…then again, after seeing his videos while on duty, I could out run the sucker EASILY. What good is he as a cop if he can’t chase anyone? The dude is just WAY too big.

P-Dog…you self admittedly dont’ believe in morals! Your a hypocrit! How can you judge someone on something you don’t even believe in? Your a joke…Ha…Ha!

Its truly amazing that some of you took an oath to become posters on this site…to become T-men…and then you show your envy…jealousy…and negativity…and “smallness” by trying to pull someone down who has achieved something. Most of you are striving just for a few extra pounds of muscle; but you would think your are Adonis’s by your comments. There are a FEW people on this here forum whom I have seen who walk the talk at all. The rest of you are just jealous little people…face it…

i appreciate what they do. I’m not dissing ronnie in anyway. I was poking fun at the people who follow his routine exactly and expect the same results.

i think Ptrdr is just jealous of our sexy bodys.


Are you a fucking idiot? No one is jealous of ANYONE around here. Some can be very inspirational to others, like those who walk and walk and talk the talk, as you say.

I took no “oath” to become a T-man. I’m here on my own free will to learn what I don’t know, and teach others and give personal opinions whenever I can.

Now, if poking fun at Ronnie Coleman offends you, then you need to stop shoving 16 gauge needles up your ass 'cause you’re one crabby fuck. Loosen up.

This isn’t the army. Nothing is absolute formal. We have fun and we share. No one here will ever become “Ronnie Colemans”. But we all have our own individual goals and self satisfactions.

Mass, the very short answer to your question is: Yes. Absofuckinglutely.

ahahahah the thought of ronnie coleman chasing a suspect cracked me up.

umm ptdr, wtf are you talking about?