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Ronnie Coleman: The King (Movie)


Obvious problems aside, he’s still carrying some muscle!


I just got around to watching this. I live in the same town a Ronnie and have a cousin who worked as a cop during the same time he was. I met him a couple times through him before he won mr universe. I can tell you that all the fame did not change him at all. He still seemed to be same person he always has been. It was painful to watch this knowing how he was and seeing him like this today. I can’t help but wonder about what his future will be and have to ask, was it worth it? Only Ronnie knows the answer. Wishing him the best.


I didn’t realize this. We’re neighbors!


In fairness, Ronnie is such a large human that most people in Texas live in or near the same town as him.


Yeah I think we are. Just looking at your pic I think we use to work out at the same LA but I was never quite sure since I hadn’t met you. I worked out at the old golds across 20 for a long time before it closed and went to that LA for a while.
It is a small world.