Ronnie Coleman, Strongest Bodybuilder Ever?

I recently read the Interview John Koenig did with Dorian Yates and even he says that he has seen Ronnie lift weights that he could never lift.
And i just look at the Muscle and Fitness web site and its got Ronnie lifting 405 pounds on the incline barbell press for 12 reps and deadlifting 800 pounds for 2. That’s mighty impressive.
I have heard of people saying that Greg Kovacs being the strongest but there is less evidence. What do you guys think?

Funny…I was just talking about the same thing this morning at the gym. There is a local pro, Ed Moysen (5’ 10"), who apparently incline benched 600 for a set of 6. Behind the neck presses 315 for sets of 8 reps. He was touted through one of the mags not too long ago as the strongest BBer ever. 600 for 6 though seems too unbelievable!

Whatever happened to Kovacs anyways??? I kept seeing him in the mag ads, yet never saw him on the stage…did he decide to retire??


Kovacs is doing the night of champions

Garry Frank 940lbs squat , 670 bench and 890 deadlift = 2500 enough said.

I hate to say it cause the guy has done so much for bodybuilding and fitness. In fact, the majority of us are probably in here cause of him but… nowadays I wouldn’t believe 90% of what is said by Weider and his mags. The guy has become more of a promotion than Vince McMahon

I’m sure there are people who can squat or bench more than Ronnie but these guys dont exactly look like bodybuilders.

I don’t know, guys…Kovacs may be strong…but every pic I see of him he doesn’t look HEALTHY…red eyes…bloated…flushed skin…and that he would probably DIE if he had to walk up a flight of steps…oh well…Any of you guys currently around some Division I (or 2-3, for that matter), Football Players involved in an active Strengh Program? I understand that a lot of these kids can push around some pretty substantial iron…

I have to say that Chris Cormier is very impressive. Definitely one of the strongest bodybuilders, he has the physique to go along with it too though, unlike some of the unshapely freaks that don’t bare mentioning. I heard about the time that someone told Chris that Kovacs does incline dumbbell presses with 200 pounders. The next day Chris was in the gym repping out with them on the incline. There are stronger guys than Chris and Ronnie, but not with physiques like theirs IMHO.

Kovac’s was so strong he could not even make it through the prejudging at the NOC. This guy is a total joke

thats funny maybe ronnie should compete. but maybe hes lying. wat wait a guy that takes enough steroids to kill a small farm that bust people for breaking the law? would he lie? no way! i wonder if i can go through ronnies supplier he must be well protected.

What about Franco Columbo? He used to deadlift some big weights, plus he was under 200 lbs.

Very true about Franco, he could deadlift 740lbs. real easy and he was a whole lot smaller than Ronnie. Franco, was an ex power lifter which defintley made him very very strong.

Kovacs and the Night of Champions: according to eyewitness reports on some of the other boards, he was quite bloated in the belly, became unhappy with the callouts during pre-judging, and walked offstage. He did not appear at that night’s finals.