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ronnie coleman natural

does anyone have any pics or links to pics of ronnie coelman when he was natural?

It’s probably a picture of when he was 8 years old or something. Dude isn’t natural in any means.

I would think that anything before age 12 would be a relatively safe bet.

I don’t know if they had cameras back then.

BTW, anyone seen the new video – “Redemption…”? Claims of 800 lbs squats and 500 lbs benches (for reps, presumably).

Repemption? What a fantastic name for a video that highlights a drug-abusing cop.

Ohhh, now you guys did it. Just wait till ptr sees these posts, you all will be banished from the t-nation forever.

Repemption? Hahaha.

There sre some on his site - www.bigroncoleman.com

ronnie coleman natural…not to mention you want pictures of it…snowballs chance in hell of that, unless like the rest said…when he was 8 to 12 years old.

by the way…the natural Ron Coleman who used to do the twinlab “feed the machine” adds…i think…
thats more of the physique to stride for then a juiced ex-cop who claims to be natural. Which he made as a statement on jay leno…But either way…he moves some crazy weights.

well i read somewhere that he was natural in the early 90’s, dunno whether thats true or not but o well. and actually in a flex mag i saw a while ago he sed he squats 855 for reps.

shit dawg that guy was shooting up in the womb.

No idea if this is legit, but I just did a search on Google for Ronnie Coleman and found this site:


I know, I know, it’s not really in English, but there is a picture titled “Ron Coleman” which shows a very small, and “naturalesque” body builder.

This is another site with a picture titled “Ron Coleman.” Don’t know if it’s him, but if it is, he’s a lot different than the Ronnie we know.


I’m pretty bad at recognizing people, so I could be horribly mistaken. Just thought I’d throw these out there.


shit dawg.

ronnie is natural and big time wrestling is real and unrehearsed.

back to reality. check out the link I posted. he released a pic of himself in his early days. looks damn natural to me.


I’d say he’s so natural even his mama was even using back in the day

should point out that ron coleman and ronnie coleman are not the same person. ron coleman is not a freak like ronnie.

hey Tme…I read the posts…and I am laughing!:0)

Is that kinda like repimption?

ya ron and ronnie are different, ‘ron’ coleman is a former juicer who went natural, ‘ronnie’ coleman is a former natural who is now a juicer lol

Yea, heh, after doing some more reading I realized that I was kind of linking to two different people.

I am very embarrased.

Sorry about that,

I know some of you who weigh 112 lbs right now and bench press 45 will find this hard to believe, but Ronnie Coleman was natural for a good bit of his career. It was only during his rise to the top that he became unnatural. I find it comical that so many people stated that he must have been 8 years old when his early claim to fame was that he was natural.