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Ronnie Coleman in Serbia...


Is it me or does Ronnie Coleman look a bit puffy around the abdominal area?


another image...


I don't know, I'd say he looks like a highly muscular man who weighs about 310 lbs.




Wouldnt mind a bit of puffiness if i ever got to that weight :stuck_out_tongue:


Like ewwwww!!!! Omg!!!!!



A bit puffy? What the fuck? He's not modeling fucking Abercrombie.

Christ almighty, 9 whole posts and you call out Coleman for looking "puffy?"


This is a whole new breed of dumbfuck troll we've got signing up on this site, man.


When you can maintain a damn near 300 lb, competition-ready physique year round you may post again.


I'd say that for a "retired" bodybuilder in his 40's, he looks damn MF-ing impressing.



another idiot half-breed. Go back to eating your flax meal queef.


It's called off season hahaha.

Ronnie Coleman bench presses tribes of 50 midgets and eats steel-Chassis Fiat's in a blender for his PWO shake and still looks cut as hell.


He has absolutely nothing left to prove to anyone and yet he still looks awesome and still looks like he could be contest ready with a little bit of dieting. What have you done with your life besides troll internet forums?


Does Serbia still exist, or did Ronnie eat it? He's still impressive as hell.


damn dude, nice conditioning, how did you place? ps- looks like you're about to poo yourself


I really did spit my drink..... "Midgets" are funny in any context.


I think a lot of pics get snapped just when BBers crunch down trying to flex every muscle they have simultaneously -lol.

(as far as my show, derailing a bit here, won 1st Novice Heavyweights, Novice Overall, 1st Mens Masters 35+, and 3rd in The Open Middleweights).



Much better conversation though.

So I believe you said you felt sort of insecure on stage. Like you weren't doing well, and ended up kicking ass. Do you think the humble attitude helped your performance? (It obviously didn't hurt it too damn much.)

Congrats BTW.


Not to further derail.... but good job.


IDK, I think i see a curve in his spine here, maybe some gyno, and quite a few other postural issues that need corrected.


Nice WS4JB, you answered the question! I agree.