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Ronnie Coleman Can't Dunk a Basketball


What's the point of squatting so much and being so big if you cannot dunk a basketball.


to squat a lot... and be big...

how is dunking a basketball practical?


Great thread.


Astute observation! He indeed cannot do this.

He of course has other goals, but still.


LOL is this serious


Dunking isn't functional.


I dunno. Maybe he just doesn't have functional muscle for dunking.




I am willing to bet he can't dunk.
I am also willing to bet that he can kick your ass.


At least he has an excuse..... I desperately want to dunk and have focused a lot of training time towards it and cant. FML


The closest I can get is hanging off the hoop :frowning: I might as well go kill myself for not being able to dunk a basketball or be 300lbs...


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He's not serious,push. This thread is done in jest of this:


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Don't get too down. I still feel this thread has epic potential.


lets just imagine ronnie dunking a bball, or a round the world or a 360 i would pay to see that


If Ronnie dunked a basketball, he'd bring the net down with him and bend the pole in half.




imagine posting up against him lol good luck with that


EDIT: Other posts stating its joke like nature didn't come up until after i posted:(


I can't say that I give a shit whether he can dunk.

If the Olympic high jump champ can't dunk, then I'll be pissed off.