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Ronnie Coleman Breakfast


How many of you have tried this


2 cups of egg whites, 4 packets of instant grits, and a slice of cheese? yeah that'll do.


That was soooo tedious.


Mixing eggs and grits isn't anything new or different.

Growing up we would eat eggs grits and bacon all mixed together as what we called "campers breakfast".


It's a iconic breakfast...


Can someone explain to me what grits exactly are? Anytime I've heard that term in the media it's generally been tied into some racial stereotype pertaining to black people.


Ronnie Coleman's diet reinforces my observation that he is not actually human.

Maintaining around 300lbs on some chicken, some grits, some cheese, a few shakes, and you occasional baked potato is beyond my comprehension of chemical energy storage, use, and transfer.

Any more KC Masterpiece, Ronnie?


Grits are just ground corn. That's it.

And I think it's originally an Indian dish.


The popular videos with his whole day are during a cutting phase for a contest.


Correct. He ate 10,000 calories during offseasons.


ronnie coleman's nutrition philosphy...

have grits and eggs

take like 50 vitamins/minerals

eat at restaurants all day

eat as little vegetables as possible

KC Masterpiece


So having a pro eat eggs and grits at a snail pace deserves its own thread?



Actually, I was referring to Relentless, disc 1 and 2, wherein he shows us his off-season diet. Some miss that it is his off-season because the food amounts (while they are much higher than his contest prep) have changed less than one might expect. It is, however, the final days of the off-season before he starts his contest prep fro the O, about thirteen weeks out.

In this video, specifically, he eats out a few times, adds more cheese to everything, has a couple more shakes, and has BBQ with his family. However, I would not describe his food intake as large, and we must remember he is sitting at 325 lbs in this video. Later, on Disc 2, we get to see him I think three weeks out, and of course he is eating a lot less.

@MentroSorg: I'm curious about where you got your number. Not to be overly confrontational, but 10,000 kcals is a lot more than I have seen him eat, though I remember people throwing high numbers around on some other boards.

One way or the other, Coleman was and is an amazing bodybuilder with an unconventional diet.


Jay cutler thread is coming soon


the only thing I've wondered is if I wanted to, could I eat 10,000 calories a day only from the foods Jay Eats.


I have wondered that, too. It seems almost impossible with so few fats and so little flavor...

I have eaten 7k/day, and that seemed like constant eating.


Is it just me or does Ronnie Coleman always seem high as hell.. even in those famous videos of him when he was cutting for the Olympia and dead lifting like 805


I Read someone where once that Jay Cutler spent a whole day in his backyard grilling fish and vegetables every couple of hours and eating them.