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Ronnie Coleman BBing as a Cop?


I've read that Ronnie was a full-time police officer for a while and also was a CPA while pursuing a bodybuilding lifestyle/career.

Is anyone here familiar with how he went about getting his meals in while he was a cop? I am preparing for a career as a police officer and wanted to know how he managed to constantly eat throughout the day given the demanding nature of police work and the fact that it is more difficult to maintain a consistent eating schedule with a job like that.

Right now I hold a desk job which makes it easy for me to eat throughout the day. I just pack a lunch bag full of food and keep a jug of protein powder in my cabinet for easy acess to some calories whenever I want. I also can run across the street to grab some food whenever I want to.

also, if anyone else here holds a career with a demanding schedule where you are always in 100 places at once and never get a break, how do you make it work?


I think his unbreakable dvd showed him eating meals in tupperware he brought in his cruiser.

Not to mention the guy got about 5-6 hours of sleep every night and dedicated himself fully to eating.

Ain't nothing but a peanut?


Exactly. He MADE time. He was in that video eating while on patrol. His superiors understood what his goals were so they seemed to avoid holding him back. I am sure he was good at what he did as well. It is hard to get meals in with my job. I am often getting protein shakes in during fake restroom breaks but you do what you have to in order to see progress.

Ronnie was up early and went to bed late. I am sure some days even that 5 hours of sleep was pushing it. He just wanted it badly. For everyone treating him like he was an idiot because of the way he speaks, it is clear he was ahead of the game far more than people give him credit for.


not to hijack, but you'd think being a doctor would actually be advantageous in terms of running your own schedule.

edit - unless you're in urgent care, i suppose.


When you have your hands in someone's jaw removing bone and then trying to suture it up before more blood loss or the anesthetic wears off, you can't jump up and grab a protein shake.

Outside of treatment my schedule is fairly open. Human beings are unpredictable so that "30 min appt" can turn into 2 hours before you can blink...and there goes lunch.


Yeah, coolers. Amazing. I personally don't find it that difficult to get the food in. All it takes is a little bit of preparation and the rest is gravy.


Exactly. I love the "bodybuilding lifestyle" that I currently have and will do whatever it takes to commit to it and reach my goals. I already make many sacrifices to reach my goals just like all of those who have made great gains.

I assumed Ronnie carried food in the trunk of his RMP and I already figured that I will have to do the same. I just hope that my bosses will be as understanding as the ones Ronnie had.....as we all know that many of those who don't live this lifestyle have a hard time accepting and understanding it.


Become "the guy who is always eating" from day one. Then it won't be out of the ordinary when you are constantly hauling tupperwares with you all the time. It'll just be the norm.


Watch the Ronnie Coleman - The Unbelievable DVD, the first few segments deals with his job and eating.


I agree with everything Senor X has said. The man made time and did what was needed to getir dun. I once got a speeding ticket by a CHP around 270lbs at 6'0 maybe more. Not King Coleman status, but the dude was massive. His shirt looked like it was holding on to dear life. My traffic stop turned into a shoot the shit, he almost forgot how fast I was going and only wrote me up for 10 over.

When I asked him how the hell he ate, he said just said, "I have to eat." He brought his cooler and would pound as many calories as he could when he knew he was going to be screwed cleaning up a wreck. One of the few Hispanic officers I've ever met that didn't think himself white.


I can't remember the last time I got my full hour-long lunch break. As a young'un I remember bringing out a chunk of tuberosity with an upper 8, that took aaaages to suture.

On a seperate note, I get absolutely bugger all sleep, 3-5 hours weekdays and up to 6-7 on weekends usually. Gains still come so although I'm knackered I'm not concerned re: my progress. I just ensure that if I'm up beyond 11, I'm eating every hour on the hour until I get to sleep (usually around 4am).


Exactly! Ronnie was one of the smartest bodybuilders out there.


On day shift I took eggs and oatmeal in seprerate containers and ate during briefing. I also had a cooler full of mostly chicken or fish and essential foods. I used 2 meal replacements in plastic jugs, premixed, and a jug of water. It was a soft cooler that sat in the seat next to me. On graveyards I ate two real meals before work, and relied more on meal replacements and protien drinks. Our shifts ran 6/on 3/0ff for 6 months.


Whilst it may not be exactly optimal for getting your macros exactly as you wish, I guess with almost any job you can mix up a huge bottle of protein shake before you go and take a big bag of peanuts with you and you've got a plentiful and convenient supply of protein and calories any time you have a spare 30 seconds. Neck some protein shake, shovel some peanuts in your mouth and that's 30 seconds, no more really.


This thread reminded of an interview I read by Derek Poundstone(strongman competitor)who is also a cop.....

"What is your typical diet like?

I eat 7 - 8 meals per day and try to get approximately 500 grams of protein, 400 - 500 grams of carbs, and approximately 100 grams of fat. While I work, I?m sure to get my protein intake by making chicken puree shakes. The chicken puree starts out as frozen chicken breasts. I boil 2 lbs of the chicken breast in water before work for about 30 minutes. I then cool the chicken and place the four breast (2lbs) into a high-powered blender filled to the 35 - 40 oz line with water. I blend the chicken on high until it becomes a medium consistency fluid that is drinkable (about a minute). Once done, the 2 lbs of chicken and water make about 40 oz of drinkable puree. I drink 20 oz for each of my two meals at work."

Seems to be working for him...


For me right now I work electrical construction everyday and it's a pretty tough job.
I make all my meals the night before.
Chicken goes on the BBQ rgiht after work for the next day. Pasta is made at the same time.
Veggies washed and cut too.
Tuna sandwhciehs are made also.
Whatever I can do to get my meals in.

And man am I transforming I'm stickin to my plan not drifting no matter what and I can see my gains comin..never realized how important food was before but I'm really makin the gains now and gainin weight.
protein is almost up to 1.5g's per lb. BW. calories 4000


If things get really tight for time, anyone here take BCAA's capsules by themselves between meals? Is this a good way to method?


some of the old school bodybuilders that train in the gym i go to drink someting similar only with tuna and milk blended up.
tastes like ass but does the job.
they also mix tinned salmon up with chopped banana


what i dont understand is how you can keep up the 3-5 hr sleeps week after week....I did that first semester this school year and after a week i felt like the living dead. of course i can do a 4 hr sleep night for a few nights in a row but after that i just feel like death.


Those blender chicken shakes sounds like a good idea! i will give it a try