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Ronnie Coleman 2 Weeks Out Mr O!


u mad?

haterz gona hate alllll day


What the fuck is going on.


Why you gotta do that bro..


It's easy to get SWOLZ now. There are going to be synthol stations like Exxon all throughout the US.


x 1 million


And that will conclude the browsing tonight. Possibly better luck next week



It's a guy with a bad perm, synthol in his biceps and gray contact lenses. Not exactly "unbelievable".

That Brazilian Balloon Boy is apparently spreading his seed.


Hahaha! That was awesome


The 1st picture I was thinking it was a tranny or just a really ugly woman


youre just hating on his clean bulk and jacked fiberz.


God dammit, that bitch is disgusting to look at



If that isn't a manly looking woman, I'll eat an onion.


She's got perky tits, though.


He could also have Klinefelter's syndrome and be taking testosterone as a result. If that is the case, it would explain the appearance and also why he felt he needed synthol.


i just scanned the wiki for that... Is that the same thing as dudes who never hit puberty?

Shit, if it wasn't for the shitty synthol application I would feel bad and not even be able to laugh at the dude.


Damn Wayans Brothers are at it again.. . White-ish Chicks 2?




yeah thats one fucked up looking face. Looks like a lizard man or something


I'm in love.


I..... got nothing to say