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Ronnie Arrested



Famed bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman accused of falsely identifying self as police officer

01:59 PM CDT on Saturday, May 23, 2009

By BRANDON FORMBY / The Dallas Morning News

Famed bodybuilder and eight-time Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman was arrested Friday and charged with falsely identifying himself as a police officer.
Ronnie Coleman

During a traffic stop in Dalworthington Gardens, Coleman told a police officer, who had stopped him for speeding, that he was an officer in nearby Arlington, police said. Coleman then said he was a reserve officer and later said he was an officer for a hospital, according to police.

Dalworthington Gardens police Sgt. David Henderson said Coleman also produced a badge but that a records check indicated that he hadnâ??t been a licensed officer since 2003.

Coleman, 45, posted bail Friday and was released from jail.


weird all over the place it says that at one time he was a police officer.
could this be a misunderstanding?
or was he really falsely saying he was an officer when he wasn't

and i thought if you resigned under good terms you were always an officer just not working.




You can go to jail for saying you are a cop when you used to be a cop and still are a reserve police officer as stated by your own precinct?



Wow! i live in Arlington Texas, which neighbors Dalworthington Gardens. Those cops are the biggest dicks. they have nothing else to do, but find stupid reasons to arrest people. I appreciate cops , but they are ridiculous. My bro was arrested there for an MIP ticket, and My friend who lives in DWG recieved 7 tickets from the same cop in 3 months! I just stopped driving through the DWG. Yea Ronnie was a Arlington Police officer for some time.


x2 beyond fucked up. Whoever that asshole cop was who decided to charge Ronnie with that is a total prick.

I seriously would sue that fucking city if that happened to me


Not what I expected... :smiley:


Shit, no reason to arrest him! How stupid! I thought fire-fighter, police officers were like family?! So lame.


Damn I respect most cops yet. You always got some dicks in every group. Guess that cop had nothing better to do at the time then go out of his way. To make sure he made Ronnie pay one way or another even if it isn't right.

What has happened to camaraderie? I mean he paid his dues for some time as an officer. Then we have this other guy who just had to be an asshole instead of just issuing the ticket like a sensible respectful man.

Hope Ronnie gets himself a bad ass lawyer and humiliates this guy in court.


How can they arrest Ronnie?


scumbag cops


So he's still a reserve officer...?

Man if the shit ever hits the fan and the reserves are called into action, the sight of Ronnie Coleman coming your way all pissed off will sort shit out


the real question is- how many cuffs did they have to use?


I could only imagine the holding tank with Ronnie in it. Ronnie walks in, and everyone else moves to the other side of the room LOL. Seriously this is bullshit, what a big cluster fuck for the Arlington Police Dept.


From the original post: "Dalworthington Gardens police Sgt. David Henderson said Coleman also produced a badge but that a records check indicated that he hadn't been a licensed officer since 2003."

That would indicate to me that he is not currently a Reserve Officer. Later he went on to claim he was a "hospital officer" or something. Not sure what the hell that is.

Sounds like he tried to tin his way out of a ticket, and it backfired on him because he had no legal right to identify himself as an LEO. Not the smartest of moves. This is, of course, assuming that the press is accurately reporting what happened, which is questionable in most cases.

I guarantee there is more under the surface.

Demo Dick


Of course, the arresting officer could have said:

"Everybody wanna be a reserve cop, but nobody wanna keep their cop-ass license up to date..."


He should have put on his yellow and black striped spandex pants, crumpled the squad car like a piece of tinfoil and threw it in his morning protein and grits shake for extra carbs...........But that would have been too easy I suppose.


cmon, it's only for speeding


He should have just flipped over the cop car. LIGHT WEIGHT, BABY!!! HOOOOOOOO!!!!!


He showed a badge there for he was pretending to be a police officer which is against the law in most countries, he should go to jail for that shit imo.

He should know better, I am not sure why people are blaming the cops when he was clearly in the wrong.