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Ronda, Rehab to Rockin


My old log reached it's limit and got locked down, here is the link to keep it alive in our memories...

As of now I am trying to fix my shoulder and all my lifts basicly suck. It will get better eventually but for now I am still working on it.

Bench Press 1x8x45, 1x5x95, 1x5x115, 1x2x135, 4x10x95

T Bar Rows 1x8x45, 1x6x70, 1x8x45

HS Iso Rows 1x8x45, 1x8x90, 1x8x45

HS High Rows 1x8x45, 1x7x90, 1x8x45

I am keeping everything really light while I am in Phyisical Therapy not only b/c I have lost strength but because it will allow me to heal better and see what is really irritating my shoulder/neck

For now though I am going suck, it will get better.


Finally decided on a title, eh? I'll be checking in :wink:


Hey Ronda-good to "see," you! :slightly_smiling:


You have my commiserations on the shoulder. Both of mine give me shit from time to time. Best of luck with the rehab and stuff.


Good luck with your rehab, one day at a time.


all you need is more bacon, that'll fix you right up.


My shoulder sucks too, glad to see the new log


Good luck with the rehab. (Your rehabbing bench is my long-term goal bench... look on the bright side.)


Thanks everyone who has stopped by :slightly_smiling:

As it is now I was going to go to the gym today but my neck hurt enough that I thought I should rest it so I would be functional at work and now tomorrow I have PT... So maybe I will get to the gym on Saturday... hopes

Alisa - the scary thing about my bench is that the 135 actually felt heavy and it has not felt that way in a long time for me... which really sucks... Though if you look at the bright side I out weight you by alot probably so muscle/weight lifted per lb of body weight... I am sure you are doing much better :stuck_out_tongue:


I couldn't tell if my neck hurt because it hurt of if I just slept wrong on it.. so I went to the gym anyways.

Squat 1x8x45, 1x5x95, 1x5x115, 3x5x135

SLDL 1x8x45, 1x8x95, 1x6x145, 2x8x95

Seated Leg press 1x8x90, 1x6x180, 2x6x270

BB Curls 3x8x50

I am not looking forward to the resolutioners this year... I already witnessed some weird oblique focused stomach crunch holding on to 5 lb dumb bells on a decline bench in the middle of a walk way...


I have a stiff neck too - sometimes goes right down into my trap. I have a habit of sleeping on my front with my head turned to one side so I can't help but think this has caused some sort of weird muscle imbalance thing over the years. Only thing you can do is keep stretching and massaging it.

Resolutioners are a pain. That's why I've taken to training at 7am on weekdays - less of the sods to worry about at that time.


I am really mean to the resolutionists but you already knew that.


Didn't you theaten one's life once?


I have been hurting for the last few days but I was feeling better today so I went to the gym, though I kind of feel like I failed at everything I did.

DL 2x8x135, 2x5x185, 2x10x135

CG Bench Press 1x10x45, 5x8x95

Tricep Pullover 1x8x30, 1x8x40

Goblet squat 3x10x55

All of these I had to stop all of these early or not up the weight b/c my shoulder was hurting. Though I forget my chalk so I couldn't do much with DL's cause they were slipping out of my hands.


Sorry to hear that. Shoulders are bitches. I found when mine was really bad, I coped better with incline dumbell presses and narrow (shoulder width) push-ups than regular bench presses. I also did a shit-load of rowing to pull my shoulderblades together. Helped some.


Tendonitis buddies unite! All of my lifts were crap today with shoulders acting up too. I feel ya.


Has anyone had a cortisone shot in their shoulder? How was that? Did it help?


I had one summer of 2008 after rehabbing for 4-5 months and it helped tremendously. I still get the nagging little stuff but overall it is about as good as it gets. Rehab/prehab is a permanent part of my warmup now...

Careful with repeated shots though as they can promote tendon & ligament degeneration.


I don't think repeated shots will be necessary just because it doesn't always hurt, only when I over use it. I need to be able to do the rehab/PT that is necessary and do my job which seems to be a problem. Though it isn't just my shoulder, my neck in involved as well.
I still think I am too young to be having these issues :stuck_out_tongue:


I first messed up my RC when I was 24. You're never too young. You could look into kinesiotaping - less drastic and apparently gives a lot of relief.