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Ronaldo 'Jacarea' Souza Signs with Strikeforce


Good pick-up. They need a submission guy to round out the MW div. Some good match-ups:
Nick Diaz
Jake Shields
Frank Shamrock


How about Cung Le when he stops making movies?


I would put him with guys like smith and lawler. Likely to get submitted.


great signing, but isn't he a lot bigger then both shields and diaz? as in a 185er? i know diaz will fight anyone but for division purposes who else do they have at middleweight?


I think both Diaz and Shields will fight at MW. If not, it's a little light.


Wasnt there talk months ago of Diaz willing to put on the weight and start moving up the catagories stating that he no longer wishes to drop down as far as light weight anymore and that its believed his style and body is better suited at higher weights...off the top of my head Im almost positive there was talk of evetualy in a few years him moving as high as light heavy?


Who knows Diaz has said he wants to fight the best SIlva, GSP and I remember saying Ceasar Gracie saying he would fight at light heavy.


It's Nick (fuckin) Diaz

he'll fight mary magdalene during easter sunday mass



Diaz is a bad bad Man , this is the same kid who KTFO Joe Riggs in the hospital with an IV on.

Jacare is superb at grappling- more ring time will suit him well.



Jacare is a monster on the ground. I saw him compete at the ADCC in Long Beach a few years ago and he seemed on another level even there. If he can get his striking defence a little better he would be a title contender in no time.


Aye Im pretty sure Diaz is not a mentaly well man. He has no fear and if the price was right, Im sure, he would fight the devil himself lol

kmcnyc- Your not wrong more ring time and more confidence and work on his stand up, he could be a hard man to beat


Diaz is not right in the head for sure. Right now it looks like he has screwed fans out of a good fight with Jay Hierion because he wouldn't or couldn't pass a piss test. If he could ditch the pot and focus I think he would do very well.


No, he has a medical license for pot and had an understanding with the commission as I understand it. That's what he and his management claim anyway. Pretty low of them to not give him the warning if that was the case.


Good call. The California commission is a mess and it does seem like they have it out for him. Everytime he fights there is an issue with them.